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Ronaldo’s career was severely affected by injuries

Much more could be said about Ronaldo Nazario. Many people would make top online betting Kenya on 1xBet if he played today. There was an event in Ronaldo’s career that most likely marked the beginning and end of his career. This is due to the striker attempting one of his tricks in a match between Inter Milan and Lazio on April 12, 2000. He landed on the floor, though, with his knee in an unnatural posture and clear symptoms of discomfort.

He was sidelined for more than a year. His career will never be the same after that. There’s a possibility that if Ronaldo hadn’t sustained that injury, he may have gone on to become the greatest player of all time. Of course, 1xBet Kenya top online betting service in Kenya, is still a great place to wager on the Italian Serie A.

Chilean football’s most humiliating moment

The Chilean national football team went to Brazil in the late 1980s for a FIFA World Cup qualification for the 1990 edition. All World Cups are accessible at https://www.1xbet.co.ke/line/. However, a peculiar occurrence would put an end to the career of one of Chile’s finest goalkeepers of all time.

Roberto Rojas, often known as Condor, was the Chilean goalkeeper back then. During the game, which was really tense. He said that a flare fired by a Brazilian supporter struck him. He was injured all over his face as he departed the field. Not only that, but the whole Chilean squad also pulled out of the match.

Things, however, would take an unforeseen turn. Later, Rojas admitted that the whole episode had been fabricated. True, a flare landed close to him. He did, however, have a concealed knife and sliced his own face. He then blamed his injuries on the flare. What’s the end result? Chile was barred from competing in the FIFA World Cups in 1990 and 1994. Everything you need to know about these tournaments can be found on the 1xBet Kenya website, which specializes in sports betting in Kenya.

Manchester United is said to have received an unexpected transfer request

Bruno Fernandes is one of Manchester United’s top players at the moment. Using the 1xBet app for easy bets is the best thing that any fan could do. However, alarming information has lately surfaced. This is due to the fact that the Portuguese player seems to have submitted a transfer request to the team’s administration. Other players whose future are far from certain include:

  • Paul Pogba;
  • Donny van de Beek;
  • Anthony Martial.

A hypothetical Fernandes exit would, of course, be very troublesome for Manchester United. This is because he has been one of the few players to stand out in a group that has been plagued by lacklustre performances. The app 1xBet for easy bets is the best place to wager on Manchester United.

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