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Top 5 well paying certificate courses in Kenya

With increasing number of graduates in Kenya, degrees and diploma can be taken to be more effective and efficient to combine it with certificate courses.

Here is a list of best paying certificate courses in Kenya one can  pursue in college or university with a KCSE mean grade of D- and above;

1. Engineering

With the country trying to catch up with vision 2030, this is suitably the best certificate course to enroll in.

There are various certificate programs here which include software and hardware engineering, electrical, mechanical and others.

The most amazing thing is that with these certificates at hand, you can easily start a shop or firm to serve to customers.

2. Business Administration

Every organization requires an administrator, who plays a vital role in its success.

A certificate in business administration is therefore the best to pursue.

3. Accounting and Finance

An accountant is a custodian of an organisation’s funds. S/he can be paid impressively depending on the organization or the volume of revenue an organisation makes.

4. Sales and marketing

These are the professionals who represent the image and brand of an organization. Through sales and marketing personnel, a company make a profit or a loss.

This makes sales and marketing as one of the best certificate courses in Kenya.

5. Information Technology

This is a field that broadens each and everyday with new careers being invented. In addition, more firms are finding the need to allow technology to take the central role in their day to day activities. This calls for more IT professionals making this course as one of the best certificate courses in Kenya.


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