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The main referee’s outrage in the Champions League history

The introduction of virtual referees was a real revolution in the arbitration world. Before, there were few scandals with the participation of the best referees, but they happened from time to time. Today let’s talk about one of these, which happened in 2009 in the game Chelsea – Barcelona. By the way, you can commit 1x Bet Kenya login and predictions for the current games between these teams.

So let’s move on to the 2008/09 season, when there was a duel between the teams. It was the first season of Barcelona trained by Guardiola. Under him, the team confidently dominated in Spain, and in the Champions League left no opportunities for competitors until Chelsea got in their way. It qualified for the semifinal phase. The first game in the Catalan capital ended in a zero draw. This meant that everything would be decides in the second game at Stamford Bridge.

In it, Chelsea managed to open the score in the first half, but then the game referee – the Norwegian Evrebe – began to attract more attention on the field. He didn’t award several obvious penalties in Barcelona’s goal. The referee ignored playing with hand, as well as the fall of the Blue footballers in the Catalans’ penalty area. 

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Let’s go back to this game and mention that Evrebe was wrong once again in favor of Chelsea, when he unjustly sent Eric Abidal off the field for a foul that the Frenchman did not even commit. 

But the main drama took place at the additional time. First, Iniesta stroke a magnificent kick. At that time there was still the rule of the visiting goal, and thanks to that the Catalans went further. But after that, Gerard Pique could still play with his hand in his penalty area, but Evrebe ignored this fact.

As a result, the Catalans qualified for the final, and a record number of complaints and threats fell on the Norwegian referee.

What did the team expect in the future?

Barcelona ended up winning the decisive duel and got their first Champions Cup with Guardiola. But then a certain downtrend started in Chelsea, at least on the European stage. By the way, in 1xBet app Kenya, you have an opportunity to make predictions for games with participation of the clubs in question.

As for Evrebe, he hasn’t judged more games of such level. To this day, a tail of scandals follows him, which only makes his interview more popular. Speaking of the factors that helped the Catalans win, it is not only the referee’s decisions, but also:

  • good teamwork;
  • good tactical decisions by Guardiola;
  • individual skill of such leaders as Messi, Etoo, Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol.

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