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Teachers, ICT Experts to be Employed as Gov’t Sets Aside More Funds

The government has put its best foot forward in seeing to it that best education outcomes in the country have been achieved. While reading 2020/2021 budget, cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani stated that the government has set aside ksh 7.4 billion to to help elevate the status of education in the country.

The CS noted that thousands of unemployed teachers and local artisans and builders will benefit greatly.

“The objective is to get thousands of unemployed teachers off the bench and into action as intern teachers while also supporting local artisans and builders’ businesses. To meet this commitment, Ksh 7.4 billion has been proposed,” said CS Yatani.

Out of this, Ksh 2.1 billion will go to construction of additional classrooms in secondary schools; Ksh 1.9 billion for provision of at least 250,000 locally fabricated desks for secondary and primary schools; Ksh 700 million for capitation and improvement of infrastructure in low cost boarding schools in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) using local labour; Ksh 2.4 billion for recruitment of 10,000 intern teachers to support the 100 percent transition in schools; and Ksh 300 million for recruitment of ICT Interns to support digital learning in public schools.

Amount (KSHs)Target
2.1 Billion


Construction of additional classrooms in secondary schools
1.9 Billion250,000 locally fabricated desks
700 MillionCapitation and improvement of Infrastructure (ASALs)
2.4 Billion10,000 Intern Teachers
300 Million1,000 ICT Interns



Basic and Higher Education

Furthermore, the Government continues to make sustained investments in the education sector in order to enhance access to quality basic and higher education.

The government set aside Ksh 497.7 billion, to fund programmes in this sector.

The CS noted that the government will continue to support Free Day Secondary Education (including NHIF for students) and Free Primary Education Programmes.

“I have have proposed Kshs 59.4 billion to cater for Free Day Secondary Education Programme (including NHIF for students); and Ksh 12.4 billion for Free Primary Education Programme,” stated CS Yatani.

In a bid to increase the teacher to student ratio, the government has also set aside ksh 2 billion for the recruitment of 5,000 teachers.

“To increase the teacher to student ratio, I have proposed Ksh 2.0 billion for the recruitment of 5,000 teacher,” said the CS.

He also allocated some Sh 800 million for the digital literacy programme and competency based curriculum, Sh 323 million for National Research Fund, Sh 94.9 billion to support University Education; and Sh16.8 billion to the Higher Education Loans Board.


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