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List of Schools affected by Mau Eviction Exercise

Mau eviction has affected not only families but also young and innoncet kids. Their learning has been jeopardized. The whole exercise has been characterised by torching of houses by multi-agency security officers, including those from the Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service, Administration Police and Narok County security enforcement officers.

More than 5,000 pupils have been denied their rights to learn and the fate of over 600 KCPE candidates remains unknown. According to Government statistics 20 schools that were operating illegally have been closed. Those schools were not registered by the Ministry of education. The question that remains unanswered is how were they being funded.

Here is list of schools closed due to Mau Eviction

  • Kabarak Primary School 450 pupils
  • Kipopen Primary School 650 pupils
  • Entianit Primary School 450 pupils
  • Kitoben Primary school 450 pupils
  • Olapa Primary School 450 pupils
  • Kirubon Primary School 450 pupils
  • Kipchoge Primary School
  • Masaita Primary School
  • Ororwet Primary School
  • Tebeswet Primary School
  • Melelo Primary School

Three of the 23 schools found in Mau have survived closure. They include;

  • Siongiroi Primary school
  • Triangle Primary School
  • Olesulunye Primary School

Parents of the affected schools have requests the government to subject their children to a special national exam that should be administered later to cater for affected time.

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