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KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion has changed the tune of September 1 strike

Initially KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion was counting on delocalisation of schools headteachers and principals so as to call the September teacher strike. It seems like Mr. Sossion has changed the tune from delocalisation program to mode of appraisal of teachers. Arguably, delocalisation program is not weighty enough for teachers to down their tools.

He has trashed the current appraisal of teachers citing it as a form of bullying from the employer-TSC. Speaking at Urban Primary School during annual general meeting, Sossion said teachers are being forced to fill appraisal forms in the cyber cafe.

Mr. Sossion urged TSC to come up with new ways of appraising teachers other than the current TPAD.

“The TSC is what it is because of the struggle of the teachers of this country. We wanted an employer with the capacity to recruit and manage the welfare of the teachers and not one that would be used to humiliate, bully and hurt teachers,” said Mr Sossion.

“From 2015, the reforms and policies being undertaken by TSC are meant to humiliate teachers. We are being forced to use our own money to fill (appraisal) forms in cyber cafes. We were not trained to work in cyber cafes, this is workplace bullying and we shall bury it by September 1, 2018,” added Mr Sossion.

Promotion of teachers with higher qualifications

The secretary general demanded that teachers, who have acquired relevant higher qualifications, to get automatic promotion and their salaries adjusted from the date of their graduation.

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