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KNEC Registration Guidelines for 2020 Teacher Education examinations; PTE, DTE, ECDE, TCAE and SNE(I & II)

These instructions on registration of candidates for the 2020 Teacher Education examinations are based on the Kenya National Examination Council 2014 regulations for each examination. These Teacher education examinations are;

Registration of candidates who will be sitting for the Teacher Education examinations in 2020 will be done strictly on-line. The Institutions, Colleges will access the KNEC registration portal http://registration.knec.ac.ke/online-sne or / tcae/dte/pte/using the user name and the pass word provided by the Council via the respective college email addresses. Candidates’ index numbers will be from 0001 to 9999 for ALL Teacher Examinations. 

 Heads of Institutions/Sub-County Directors of Education/Sub County Adult Education Officers are expected to strictly follow the procedures on registration of candidates as outlined in the registration portal. Any deviation from the procedures would either render the candidates ineligible for registration or cause the processing of the candidate’s examination results to be delayed, deferred or cancelled.

All candidates are institutional based; hence no private candidates entered for teacher education examinations. 

The registration of candidates is done by the college principal or Sub County Education Officer for the registration of ECDE Proficiency and Sub County Adult and Continuing Education Officer for TCAE examination.

It is the responsibility of the candidate, to ensure that their namesgender and previous details for repeaters are in every way correct and is a replica of the qualifying certificate and that they are entered for the correct course/option and paper(s)

The registration dates for the 2020 Teacher Examinations are shown in the table below

Type of Examination

Group of Candidates

Registration​​ Dates

Exam Month

Diploma Teacher Education (DTE)

Regular​​ Students

1​​ st​​ August​​ to​​ 15th​​ October​​ 2019

March 2020


Special Needs Education (SNE) Part I and II

Regular Students

1​​ st​​ August​​ to​​ 15th​​ November​​ 2019

April 2020


Teacher Certificate in Adult Education (TCAE)

Regular Students

1st ​​​​ September to​​ 15th​​ October​​ 2019

July 2020


Primary Teacher Education (PTE)

Regular Students

1st ​​​​ September to​​ 15th​​ October​​ 2019

July 2020


ECDE Proficiency Certificate and Diploma​​ 

Regular Students

1st ​​​​ August​​ to​​ 15th​​ September​​ 2019

April 2020



NB: Please be informed that there will be no late registration of candidates

All Colleges/Institutions must have a minimum of ten (10candidates to qualify for the registration of candidates for any of the Teacher Education examination offered by the institution/Sub County. Any centre wishing to register candidates for a course with less than ten (10) candidates must pay at the cost of registering ten (10) candidates

NB: Please note that the rates for the top up are as per thrates of the regular candidates not repeaters.

The Council will surcharge a candidate or the institution examination fee penalties in case of any form of registration errors requiring amendment after the close of registration period; 

Change of subjects (this will be treated as an under protest case) will attract a fee penalty of three thousand shillings (Kes. 3,000) per registered candidate;

Amendment of candidates’ examination details will attract a penalty fee of five hundred shillings (Kes. 500) per candidate.

For the registration of candidates with any form of special needs, the college/institution is expected to provide an approved medical report from a government hospital indicating the na extend of disability for such candidate(s) for ease of registration. The council will consider each case in its own merit for further assessment

Registration materials, which include the nominal roll signed by each candidate, fee payment deposit slips and corresponding invoice and copies of the qualifying certificates (e.g. KCSE) or equation letters for candidates with foreign certificates, are to be submitted to KNEC by the Head of Institution or his/her nominee with written approval within two (2) weeks after the close of registration period for each examination. Submission of registration materials is compulsory.

All institutions must ensure that candidate’s photographs and the face/front side of the National Identification Card (ID) are uploaded. The uploaded photographs and ID card must be downloaded and printed to produce an institutions’ photo register. The signed copy of the photo album is to be kept by the college/institution and handed over to the Supervisor during the rehearsal day of the examination for identification of registered candidates.

 Each candidate is required to confirm the subjects registered for and sign against their names

Colleges should note that copies of nominal roll, fee payment deposit slips and corresponding invoices should be certified by the Sub-County Director of Education before submission to KNEC.


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