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KNEC Regulations for Registration of 2020 Teacher Certificate in Adult Education (TCAE) and Examination Fees

Sub County Adult Education Officers must ensure that the candidates entered for the examination are all bonafide residents who meet the examination entry requirements. The Sub County Adult Education Officers are accountable for the registration of candidates in their sub county and should work closely with the administrators of the HOST TCAE examination centre in their region

This examination is administered to eligible candidates within Kenya by the Directorate of Adult and Continuing Education, in the Ministry of Education on behalf of Kenya National Examinations Council and in conformity with the Council’s regulations for the conduct of public examinations. 

To qualify for registration as a candidate, one must be registered To qualify for registration through the Directorate of Adult and Continuing Education through the Sub County Adult Education Officer.  

Extra-territorial candidates who hold certificates from foreign examining boards that are equivalent to the prescribed minimum entry requirement will be eligible to sit for TCAE examinations. Before registration for the examination, such candidates should seek equation of their qualifications from the Council. 

The minimum entry qualification for the Teachers Certificate in Adult Education course is the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with a mean grade of D+ (Plus) for Teacher 1 and D (plain) for Teacher 2 or its equivalent. 

Teaching Practice All TCAE Candidates must take and pass Teaching Practice to qualify for TCAE certificate. The Teaching Practice Marks are to be uploaded into the KNEC website http://registration.knec.ac.ke/online-tcae by the assessors at the Sub County/examination centre.

Teacher Certificate in Adult Education Examination Fees 

Candidates are expected to pay for the examinations as per the schedule shown in the table 3 below;



Basic​​ fee


Fee​​ per​​ Subject


Teaching​​ Practice​​ Fee


Search​​ Fee​​ (Per​​ Candidate)


Total​​ Examination​​ Fees​​ For​​ Regular​​ Candidate


Total​​ Examination Fees​​ For​​ Candidate​​ Repeating Two​​ (1)​​ Subject


Total​​ Examination Fees​​ For​​ Candidate​​ Repeating Two​​ (2)​​ Subjects




Candidates who are referred in a subject(s) can register to resit TCAE examination at their former TCAE examination centres. Candidates who are repeating TCAE examination should be registered using the repeaters option in the system.


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