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KNEC Regulations for Registration of 2020 Diploma in ECDE and Examination Fees

College/Institutional candidates entered for examinations must have been bona fide enrolled students studying in the college/Institution

Extra-territorial candidates who hold certificates from foreign examining boards that are equivalent to the prescribed minimum entry requirement will be eligible to sit for ECDE Diploma examination. Before registration for the examination, such candidates should seek equation of their qualifications from the Council authorizing them to register for the ECDE examination 

Candidates of any age may enroll for the Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education examination provided they possess any one of the following minimum qualifications: 

  •  KCSE Grade C plain or KCE Division 2;
  •  Primary Teacher Education – P1 Teacher Training Certificate;
  •  At least D+ in the KCSE examination or KCE Division 3 and in addition have a KNEC ECDE Certificate or Ministry of Education DICECE Certificate
  • KCE Division 3 and KACE (A Levelcertificate with a minimum of 1 principal

For institutions to access the registration platform they can lock into the websitehttp://registration.knec.ac.ke/onlineecde

Candidates wishing to take the examination for the first time must have undertaken either four full terms of preservice training or six inservice training sessions in addition to fulfilling the requirements for teaching practice

Teaching Practice and Project 

All ECDE candidates must take teaching practice to qualify for the award of ECDE diploma. Each candidate must be assessed three (3) times cutting across the different subjects registered for examination for the regular candidates and three times for the in service candidates. The candidates will be subjected to external assessment during the final teaching practice. Upon completion of the teaching practice, the candidates TP marks are to be uploaded into the KNEC website http://registration.knec.ac.ke/onlineecde by the external assessors in liaison with the college principal immediately after the final assessors meeting at the examination centre not later than 30th March 2020

Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) Marks and Final Teaching Practice

The colleges are expected to compile two (2) sets of the candidates course work marks (CAT I, and II) to be forwarded to the Council. Upon completion and approval of the CAT marks by the college principal, candidates marks are to be uploaded onl to the KNEC website http://registration.knec.ac.ke/onlineecde between 1st and 31st March 2020.

The head of the institution is expected to sign and certify on each page of the CAT marks and submit it to Examinations Administration Examination Management division

Candidates will be required to enroll for all the eight (8) subjects for the Examination as shown below; 

  1. Foundations of ECDE and Curriculum Development (6011)
  2. Psychology, Personality Development, Guidance and Counselling (6012)
  3. Child Growth and Development (6013)
  4. Child Health, Nutrition and Rights (6014)
  5.  Management of ECDE, Community Development and Research (6015)
  6.  Methodology and Curriculum Activities (6016)
  7.  Research Project in ECDE (6017)
  8.  Teaching Practice (6018)

ECDE Diploma Examination Fees

Candidates are expected to pay for the ECDE examinations as per the Schedule shown in the table 6 below;



Basic​​ Fee​​ (regular​​ and​​ Repeaters)


Paper​​ Fee


Project​​ Fee​​ per​​ candidate


Teaching​​ Practice​​ Fee


Search​​ Fee


Total​​ Examination​​ Fees​​ For​​ Regular Candidate


Total​​ Examination​​ Fees For Candidates​​ Repeating One​​ (1) Subject


Total​​ Examination​​ Fees For​​ Candidates​​ Repeating​​ Two​​ (2) Subjects


Total​​ Examination​​ Fees For​​ Candidates​​ Repeating​​ Three​​ (3) Subjects




Candidates who will be referred in the ECDE examination can register to resit the 2020 ECDE examination at their former colleges. The Principals are informed to upload the repeaters details using the repeaters option in the registration portal http://registration.knec.ac.ke/onlineecde 


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