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KNEC CBA Assessment Tools – Rating scales

These are tools used to collect information on competencies (knowledge, skills, values and attitudes) acquired by a learner during or after learning session or period.

A variety of tools can be used to assess learners with disabilities undertaking the Stage Based Pathway and whose tasks are performance based. The classroom assessment should be carried out in the learner’s natural environment.

Teachers are encouraged to develop simple classroom assessment tools to assess
their learners after covering a lesson, sub strand(s), strand(s) as may be appropriate. This will enhance the practice of formative assessment.

In this post we shall focus on the Rating scales as a CBA Assessment tool.

Rating scales allow teachers to indicate the degree or frequency of the competencies (knowledge,  skills, values and attitudes) and strategies displayed by the learner. Rating scales state the criteria  and provide three or four response selections to describe the quality or frequency of learner’s work.  

Development and use of rating scale  

The use of descriptive words, such as: always, usually, sometimes, never, very satisfactory,  satisfactory, unsatisfactory, very satisfied, satisfied, unsatisfied and very unsatisfied helps to  pinpoint specific strengths and needs. In a rating scale, the descriptive word is more important  than the related number.  

Components of a checklist include:  

  1. preliminary information;  
  2. learning activity/task derived from learning activity;  
  3. competence (knowledge, skill, attitude or value) assessed (from the specific learning  outcomes);  
  4. response options (ratings);  
  5. teachers comments/feedback.  

NOTE: The use of four level rating scale is advised for early years education.   

Example of a Rating Scale  

a) Preliminary information
School _____________________________________ Grade _____________________________   Learner’s name ______________________________ Learning Area_______________________   Strand _____________________________________ Sub-strand __________________________   Learning Activity ____________________________ 


b) Competence (knowledge,  skills, attitudes, values)  






Approaching 2Weak 


Selects appropriate tool 
Uses the tool appropriately 
Uses the tool safely 


  1. a) Feedback to the learner 
Learner’s signature _______________________________ Date ______________________ 
Teacher’s Name ________________________ Signature________________ Date ___________


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