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Interesting 1xbet Promotions for Kenya that you can try out

Whether you are from Kenya or any other country, you have probably heard of 1xbet if you are interested in online betting. This is among the oldest and most reputable operators in many countries. That’s why it is also slowly but steadily taking over the online betting industry in Kenya.

Most online bettors in the country like sports and casino games. Even though some people have to look for separate betting platforms that offer those things, people who choose 1xbet don’t have to worry about that. This online betting platform offers several betting sections, and it is also home to many unique promotions. In fact, we wanted to include a few of the attractive 1xbet bonuses for Kenya in this article so that you know what to choose from.

Advancebet bonus from 1xbet

The first 1xbet promotion that will definitely be interesting to many sports bettors is known as advancebet. It is safe to say that this is one of the most sought-after rewards in iGaming because it allows punters to place bets, even if they don’t have any free funds. Once players from Kenya learn they can use the code: EFIRBET for an additional bonus at 1xbet Kenya, they can obtain as much as 13,000 KES. While it is true that this is a lot of money, inexperienced punters can lose it in a couple of days if they fail to predict their bets.

That’s why 1xbet decided to provide one of the most impressive bonuses in the iGaming industry called Advancebet. The latter is active after you place a bet, and it allows you to stake the potential winnings you can receive from the unsettled bet. To put it another way, you “borrow” money from 1xbet and use it to place another bet.

Using the build-in 1xbet calculator, you can check the available advancebet amount you will have access to. If you don’t predict your original bet, you will also lose the Advancebet because you won’t have any available funds.

Accumulator of the day

Advancebet is definitely one of the most innovative 1xbet promotions. However, some people don’t want to use it because they risk their winnings. Fortunately, once you apply the 1xbet promo code EFIRBET during the registration and exhaust the welcome bonus for sports, you can use another reward called “Accumulator of the day”.

This offer is aimed at all 1xbet customers who like betting on sports events. Using this offer, punters have access to special boosted odds if they decide to wager on some of the pre-selected sports events for the given day. Unlike other promotions, this can be used daily, which means you have access to a couple of events that provide you with 10% better odds.

The 1xbet promo code store

The last bonus that is also not available on most other iGaming websites is the 1xbet promo code store. Unlike the other offers on this list, this one does not require users to activate something or use a special 1xbet bonus code. Instead, this is a passive offer that will allow you to collect points when placing a bet on the platform. Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for different rewards.

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