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How To Apply For Kazi Mtaani Programme via register.kms.go.ke

The government has already launched the third phase of kazi mtaani programme. Interested parties have been asked to register on register.kms.go.ke.

While launching the program, the government through Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga Mwaura,  promised to see to it that a 50-50 gender balance in the program just as it had done with the previous cohorts.

Persons living living with disabilities were also encouraged to apply for the opportunities.

The government further noted that it would undertake a selection process of those who had registered through a set criteria that would consider experience, requirements of projects, availability of projects within an area, vulnerability of application among others.

“The selection committee will include parties such as NGAO, Nyumba Kumi and technical officers from various agencies,” the government noted.

In addition, Charles Hinga, the Principal Secretary in the State Department for Housing and Urban Development, emphasized that the registration process would not come on a first come, first serve basis.

“Kindly note, the registration period will not close today. We have over one million traffic trying to register,” Hinga stated.

“The Kazi Mtaani Registration website is experiencing high traffic. The issue is being addressed to allow the high number of youth in interested in registering to access,” he added.

Click here to apply.

First phase

The first phase of the programme which was conducted at a cost of Sh742 million and employed 31,689 youths had key activities such as street cleaning, fumigation and disinfection, garbage collection, bush clearance and drainage clearing and unclogging among others.

Second phase

In the second phase, the programme recruited 280,000 young people from across the country and had a great impact including strengthening the economy, enabling young people to meet their basic needs and contributing to the hygiene of local communities.

In addition, the programme also contributed to school reopening efforts this year by cleaning classrooms and clearing bushes.

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