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Passing of the Last Financial Bill Marks the End of The 12th Parliament

The end of the 12th parliament was today, 9th June, marked with the passing of a financial bill that seeks to allocate over Ksh370 Billion to county governments.

The National Assembly

In a setting seeking to break the parliament in preparation for the next general elections, members of the August house passed the last bill that will ensure smooth running of county governments after a new administration takes over. 


According to Amos Kimunya, the National Assembly`s majority leader, there was a need for Members of Parliament to pass the bill without amendments in a bid to elope unnecessary conflicts between the National Assembly and their Senate counterparts.


What does this financial bill mean?


With this financial bill, Nairobi County is expected to receive a total of Ksh19.2 billion, Nakuru county 13 Bn, Kakamega 12.7 Bn and Turkana 12 Bn as the greatest leapers of the day.


Also, among other incentives includes 2.2 Bn which the parliament resolved to pay members of the 12th parliament. Therefore, members of both houses who have served for one term will receive a total of over Ksh5.8 Million each while their counterparts who have served for two or more terms receive a total of over Ksh7.8 Million each. However, members of the August house allocated themselves a total of ksh180,000 monthly stipends. 


On the other hand, Members of Parliament took the opportunity to give their thanks, experiences and lessons learnt in parliament in their respective tenures. 

Fatuma Gedi, Wajir Women Representative took that opportunity to thank the people of Wajir and the administration of parliament who helped her adapt to her new roles,

Fatuma Gedi, Wajir County Woman Mp

However, Fatuma Gedi did not hesitate to use that rare opportunity  to defend herself against a viral sex tape that leacked to the public in 2018 terming it as “fake and authored” to tarnish her name. Similarly, she appreciated the efforts of her fellow women members of parliament who helped her cope with the situation that was getting out of hand at that time.  


Kanini Kega on the other hand thanked his Kieni people for electing him twice putting in mind that he was the only Member of Parliament in neighboring countries that include; Kirinyaga, Nyeri, and Laikipia who was re-elected to parliament.


Today`s sitting marked the end of the 12th parliament and provided an opportunity to members of both houses to proceed to campaigns towards the August 9th General elections. 

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