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Education Ministry Issues Directive Ahead Of Form 2021 Admission

Form one 2021 students who were selected to join various secondary schools are expected to report from 2nd to 7th August 2021. This class will be the 4th cohort of 100% transition policy and all efforts should then be put in place to ensure they all transit to secondary school.

Ministry of education has urged all schools to put in place measures to receive their students.

The form one admission exercise will involve several activities including induction.

Admission and induction programmes must be elaborate to enable the learners settle down for the 4year cycle of Education. Studies have shown that new learners who are inducted properly on admission have a higher completion rate.

In a document dubbed Form One Admission 2021 the ministry of education has directed school principals to ensure the following:

  1. Admission of all learners is done in NEMIS. All Schools MUST capture their learners in the system, failure to which action will be taken.
  2. Where parents/guardians applied for change of placement and was accepted, the same has been effected in NEMIS. Parents/guardians are advised to send the index number to short code 22263 to confirm, download the new letter if applicable, and proceed as guided in the joining instructions.
  3.  Only students who appear on the current NEMIS list of a school will be admitted in that school. The joining instructions must also be stamped by the head teacher of the primary school.
  4.  All deferred admissions will be done offline and processed later. The CDE must ascertain all such cases beforehand.
  5. No school will admit a learner in the system who has not physically reported to school.
  6. Learners who are not able to take up their places on the stipulated dates must inform the schools in advance.

In a bid to facilitate the process of admission through NEMIS, the change of placement system will be disabled on Thursday 29th July, 2021.

In addition, the ministry of education has noted that schools will download their lists from NEMIS as from Friday 30th July, 2021 in readiness for admission of students from Monday, 2nd August, 2021

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