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Daktari Comedy Show on KTN TV Full Cast and their Real Names, Producers, YouTube and Vioja Mahakamani Actors

Daktari is a Kenyan comedy drama show that aired on KTN Home from 7.30pm till 8.00 pm on every Tuesdays. Survey even shows that it was one of the most watched shows in Kenya’s media.

Daktari KTN TV Producers

Daktari was produced by the one and only Phil Karanja, who is married to Kate Actress, that is, Catherine Kamau. Kate actress rose to fame after she because cast of Mother in Law, a Kenyan show. The two can never stop showing the world how madly in love the two are. The 32 year old is a renowned digital producer in Kenya. He is the owner of ‘Sue na Jonnie’ and ‘Hullaballoo Estate’. In 2018’s Kalasha Awards, Sue na Jonnie won the Best TV Drama, Best Actress in a TV Drama and Best Actor in a TV Drama whereas Hullaballoo Estate won Best Comedy. He co-owns a production company known as ‘Phi-it’ with Bob Muriithi and Abel Mutua.

Daktari KTN TV Vioja Mahakamani Cast

Two of the cast members of KTN’s Daktari were top casts at the veteran Vioja Mahakamani show. Olexander Josphat Makoha and Ondiek are part of Daktari. Vioja Mahakamani is one show that entertained lots of Kenyans for about 2 decades. Replacing the veteran casts such as Ondiek with new faces was such a wrong move since fans had already familiarized themselves with the old cast. New faces such as Nice Githinji, Maasai and Dr. Ofweneke took in their roles, something the old cast has since bashed them for.

Daktari KTN TV You Tube

Most of the episodes of the Daktari Comedy show are available on You Tube. If you never got the chance to watch an episode of the same, do not worry. Head over to You Tube and get a chance to watch the episodes back to back.

Daktari KTN TV Cast and Full Names

Lidoji KokotoLawrence GwakoHe once admitted that after losing his job at Vioja Mahakamani, he resorted to drinking local brew such as busaa and chang’aa. His turning point from drinking came when he almost drown while crossing Nairobi River at Dandora Phase 4 while under the influence of alcohol in 2012.
Ondiek Nyuka KwotaHiram MuigaiMany Kenyans who watched him on Vioja Mahakamani always thought that he was Luo from Nyanza. As a matter of fact, he is actually a Kikuyu from Sabasaba, Murang’a county.
MakokhaMathias KeyaHe is a renowned actor that rose to fame after acting as ‘Makokha’ in ‘Vioja Mahakamani’ that aired on KBC TV. At the age of 42, he commonly goes by the name Alfonse dot Makacha dot Makokha. He first came to Nairobi in 1992 when his father moved to Nairobi due to work. He first lived in Maringo Estate, Eastleigh. He was not as fancy as his friends and classmates. He was mostly considered as ‘mshamba’ since he did not know much about the city life. He hails from the Luhya community of Kenya.
Olexander JosphatPeter SankaleHe rose to fame after acting in Vioja Mahakamani.

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