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Auntie Boss! Full Cast and Real Names, Seasons and episodes, Shoot Location, Producers, Writers, Synopsis, Nominations and Awards

Auntie Boss is a reputable Kenyan Comedy- drama television series. The series digs into the lives of domestic house helps in a fictional estate dubbed Taifa Estate. There is unending drama that goes on in the lives of the people the house helps work for and in the neighborhood they live in.

Auntie Boss Shoot location

The comedy- drama tv series was shot in Nairobi Loresho Ridge, Nairobi, Kenya.

Auntie Boss Premier, Number of Seasons and Episodes

Auntie Boss has a total of 16 seasons and 200 episodes. The series premiered on 16th September, 2014, meaning that is when its first episode went up.

Auntie Boss Nominations

Auntie Boss was nominated for the Nigerian Entertainment Award for Africa Lead Role in Film (Non-Nigerian).

Auntie Boss Writers, Directors and Executive Producers, Producers, Editor, Production Company and Original Network

Auntie Boss was written by Lily Joan Wanjiku and Caroline Gachiku. It was directed by Derrick Omfwoko Aswani and Likarion Wainaina. Its executive producers were Eve D’Souza and Lucy Mwangi whereas the producer was Linus Kaikai.

The production companies are Moonbeam Production, Maisha Magic East Production and NTV production while the original network was Maisha Magic East NTV.

Auntie Boss Synopsis

The comedy- drama Kenyan tv show depicts the typical Kenyan culture about the relationships the househelps have with their bosses, especially rich ones. Here, there is so much drama in Taifa estate, something that the house helps cannot fail to witness, talk about and live with. The story sheds light on the lifestyle of the high class society in Kenya.

Auntie Boss Director Ofmwoko Aswani Dies

Ofmwoko Aswani was the original director of Auntie Boss. However, after directing the first two seasons, he died of cancer. Likarion Wainaina then took over his directing task.

Auntie Boss Starring, Full Cast and their Real Names

ShiruNyce WanjeriShe won the Best Actress in a Comedy TV Show during the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

Shiru, the illiterate and easily swayed help is such a character. Despite being an easy target for conning, an act that wipes away all the property at the Maingi family home, her bosses still retain her because they love her. She recently confirmed that she was leaving the series.

AmosSospeetah KirituHe is Vashita’s loyal maid and the only male maid in Taifa estate. He is quite respectable and obedient.
SilprosaSandra DachaShe is a plus- size foodie who works for Mayweather who is easily tricked by her.
CosmasAbdul Karim AthmanHe is a mischievous watchman of Taifa estate who will do anything to get some extra coins.
VanessaGrace MunaShe is Shiru’s boss as well as Kyle’s mother. Despite Shiru having some questionable character, she remains tolerant to her because she gets along with her son Kyle. Shiru later quits and sues Vanessa,an act that forces Vanessa to hire Njoroge as her new house help.
MalkiaShadya DelgushShe is Silprosa’s former boss.
VarshitaEve D’ SouzaShe is the perfect embodiment of a rich upper class boss. She is a lady of Indian origin and she is Varshita’s girlfriend. Varshita is so difficult to deal with, especially since she leads an extravagant life that burdens the boyfriend. A while later, Varshita and Donavan move away. This then serves as a reference to commitment to the show Varshita.
DonavanMaqbul MohammedHe is Varshita’s boyfriend.
Victor MayweatherDavid OpondoHe is Silprosa’s boss who leads a very extravagant life.
KyleMathew MwangiHe acts as Vanessa and Maingi’s son.
NdindaGloria Owichira
JojoJoyce Maina
BrianArthur Macharia
Teacher JapoloNick Odhiambo
NjeruJohn Wagatua
SifaSifa Githinji
BabuAllan Ngujiri
NjorogeJohn ‘Fish’ Chege

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