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What are the NHL Game Sevens?

The NHL Game Sevens are probably the pinnacle when it comes to the drama that the NHL can provide. You can enjoy the best sports betting from 1xBet, and use this extraordinary platform to wager on all editions of these names too.

Let’s imagine the following situation. At a stage of the regular NHL competition there are 2 squads that have been beating all their rivals without major difficulties. Of course, there is a moment when the 2 teams in question have to face each other. The sports betting from 1xBet is the best of its kind, and here everybody has the chance to wager on the most extraordinary events that hockey has to offer.

The best-performing teams meet each other in a best-of-7 series at the end of the season to decide its ultimate winner. That’s what the spectacular NHL Game Sevens can offer.

Keeping fans at the edge of their seats

These decisive matches have been played since 1939. They provide all the adrenaline for which the NHL is well-known for, plus with a few more ingredients to create an almost explosive mixture. You can discover any virtual sport betting on 1xBet, and use this platform to make amazing wagers on the best matches of the NHL too.

More than 170 games of this kind have been played since the 1930s. Plenty of teams have become champions after winning it, such as:

  • the Boston Bruins;
  • the Toronto Maple Leafs;
  • the Detroit Red Wings;
  • the Montreal Canadiens;
  • the New York Rangers;
  • the St. Louis Blues;
  • and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Currently on 1xBet you can make any virtual sports betting, and also, here you will find opportunities to place wagers on all these NHL teams too.

Huge rivalries

The NHL Game Sevens have also contributed a lot to the creation of new NHL rivalries. For example, the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens, which have the biggest rivalry, have faced each other in this instance a total of 9 times. Explore the 1xBet online free casino for everyone, which is a perfect place to explore while waiting for the next NHL Game Sevens. Here the Canadiens have been leading the series 6-3.

The Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs have also had their fair share of encounters at this instance. Here the Canadian team leads the series 4-2. And speaking about the Maple Leafs, they have also come across the Boston Bruins a total of 5 times. However, the Bruins here take the lead 4-1. There is a great online free casino for everyone at the 1xBet platform, and here you can spend a great time before the next amazing NHL game starts.


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