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Top ten best public Secondary Schools Vihiga County

Vihiga County whose headquarters is in Mbale is Located in the Western Region of Kenya. Looking for County Secondary Schools in the western region? Today we are going to look at the best public Secondary Schools in Vihiga County.

Bunyore Girls High School

Founded in 1905 as a commercial training center for girls who would be taught to live together as Christians and then go to nearby villages to teach Sunday school, Bunyore Girls High School is one of the best National girls boarding High school in Vihiga County, Kenya. Leading girls school in K.C.S.E in western, Kenya. It is the academic hub of Vihiga County with the current student enrollment at 1,203. As a school, they strive to empower learners to reach their maximum potential through learner-centred educational programs that not only focus on scholastic excellence, but also enrich the students' social and spiritual life. Phone number 020-
2311912/ 0722 688942. P.O Box 165 – 40105 Maseno, Email: info@bunyoregirlschool.sc.ke

Mudavadi Girls High School

Mudavadi Girls School is a Girls boarding school, located in Madzuu Sub-location, Mungoma Location in Vihiga Division of Vihiga District. This is within the Western Province of Kenya.
Vihiga County. For further information please see the school contacts. Postal Address: P.O.Box 35, Vihiga 50310, Telephone Number: 056-51117

 Mbale High School

The history of Mbale High school dates back to the 1920s when Friends African mission (FAM) established Mbale Primary School. This school later converted to Mbale Harambee Mixed School and was registered in 1964. The following year, it became a Government Mixed School with one stream. The school slogan of “Add value” has instilled academic discipline among the students. They constantly aim at improving in every exam done in school. This also complements the spirit of competition among classes and individual students which has also made them to strive for quality grades. Address: P.O. Box 183, Emuhaya 50314, Phone Number:
056-51184, 0722-115151

Vihiga Friends High School

Vihiga Friends High School is a boy only boarding school located along Luanda-Majengo road in Vihiga County. Address: P.O BOX 140 Maragoli 50300. Telephone: +254722317351

Goibei Girls High School

Goibei Girls High School is located in Tiriki West near Serem Town, Hamisi Constituency, Banja within Vihiga County and is Girls boarding secondary school. Postal Address: P.O. Box 32, Serem 50308 Mobile Number: 0722657260

Nyang’ori High School

Nyang’ori High School is located along the Kisumu- Kakamega Highway in Vihiga County. The School was established in 1954 under the sponsorship of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church, as a teachers’ training college. Nyang’ori High School has a capacity of over 900 students. The school does well in basketball within the region. Academically it is ranked among the best performers in the county and has been named the most disciplined school in western province Address: P.O. Box 251, Kisumu 40100

Ebusakami Secondary School

Ebusakami Secondary School is located in South Emuhaya constituency, Ebusakami Sub- location, South bunyore Location in Luanda Division of Vihiga District within Vihiga County and is a Girls day and boarding secondary school. Postal Address: P.O Box 207, Luanda Telephone Number: 057-51327

Chavakali High School

Chavakali High School is a leading National school situated in Vihiga county along Kakamega Kisumu road. The school started in the early 1950s and has continued to narture students that have gone to play a major role in the development of our country and the world at large. Chavakali High School has grown to be a leader in Kenya both academically and in sports, music, drama, and other extra curriculum activities. Tel: 0734425200 / 0725012003, Fax: +254- (921) 428-0362, email: info@chavakalihigh.sc.ke / chavahigh@yahoo.co.uk, skype: chavahigh

Esalwa Boys Secondary School

Esalwa Boys Secondary School is a Public Secondary School, located in Luanda near Luanda Town, Emuhaya Constituency in West Bunyore Location within Vihiga County and is a mixed day secondary school. Postal Address: P.O Box 304, Luanda

Busali Union Secondary School

Busali Union Secondary School is in Sabatia constituency, Itegero Sub-location, Busali east Location in Sabatia Division of Vihiga District within Vihiga County and is a mixed boarding secondary school. Postal Address: P.O Box 10, Chamakanga, Mobile Number: 0722-433947, Telephone Number: 056-45027.

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