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Top ten best public secondary schools Nyamira County

Nyamira County has 744 total schools; 576 primary schools and 168 secondary schools. Searching for Secondary Schools in Nyamira County? There are quite a good number of secondary schools that are boys, girls or mixed.

Nyambaria Boys High School

Nyambaria is a boys’ school situated at Manga Division, Manga Districtin Nyamira county. It started with a capacity of 60 students, in 1966 and as at current number of  students Nyambaria High has 1100 students. It is one of the best provincial schools in Kenya and the best school in Gusiiland. The school has four forms, each having four streams(Red .R.Blue .B., Green .G.,and Yellow .Y. except form one which has five streams that has an addition of one stream, form 1 White .W. The school has been performing well since the 8-4-4 System was established with most of its students joining the universities. Address: P.O.Box 594, Nyamira or 0719 528035

St Peter’s Nyakemincha Secondary School

Nyakemincha Secondary School  is located in Bonyamatuta location within Nyamira County. It was among the top 100 best schools in the 2017 KCSE released by Fred Matiang’í. Nyakemincha was ranked position 95th, sending a clear message that a lot of effort has been put across to bring sanity in the region where Chief Justice David Maraga hails from. In the Gusii region, the school was position 7. P.O.Box 137,Kebirigo

Sironga Girls School

Founded in 1960, The Sironga Girls School is National school modeled upon the best National educational practice located in Bundo Sub location, in Nyamira County. It is committed to providing a National education of the highest quality, rooted in an understanding of Kenyan culture and traditions, to children of all ethinic groupings. The school is dedicated to enabling students to think critically and creatively by establishing a strong foundation in academics, the humanities, spiritual education, and physical education. Contact; Address: P.O. Box 53, C21, Nyamira, 0792 955180 or email sironga.girls@yahoo.com

Nyamira Technical Secondary School

Nyamira Technical Secondary School is located in Bonyamatuta Cha Location in West Mugirango Constituency within Nyamira County and is a Boys boarding secondary school. Address‎: ‎P.O.Box 15, Nyamira 40500

Mwongori Mixed Secondary School 

Mwongori Mixed Secondary School is located in North Mugirango Borabu constituency within Nyamira County and is a Mixed boarding secondary school. P.O. Box 484-20406, Sotik or call 0723462687.

Tombe Girls High School

Tombe Girls High School is located in Kitutu location within Nyamira County and is a Girls boarding secondary school. P.O. Box 351-40200, Kisii

Marindi Secondary School

Marindi Secondary is located in West Mugirango constituency, Bundo Sub-location, Bogichora Location in Nyamira Division of Nyamira District. This is within the Nyamira county. The student population comprises of mixed students day and boarding. Studies are carried out through a Kenyan based 8-4-4 Curriculum. P.O. Box 334, Nyamira

Nyakongo Secondary School 

Nyakongo High School is a Public Secondary School, located in Rigoma near Gesima Town, Kitutu Masaba Constituency in Nyamira County, Kenya. It is established on 5 acres piece of land and has a total enrollment of over 520. P.O. Box 58- 40503, Gesima

Gesiaga Secondary School

Gesiaga Secondary School Gesiaga Sec is a mixed day secondary school found in Nyamira County West Mugirango Constituency. The school sits on a 6 acres piece of land and has well developed learning infrastructure and facilities. P.O. Box 247, Kisii 40200 Kisii Nyanza Kenya 0733-625097.

Irianyi Secondary School

Irianyi Secondary is located in Kitutu Masaba constituency, Irianyi Sub-location, Kemera Location in Manga Division of Nyamira. This Secondary School has an enrolment of 250 with a student teacher ratio of 19.2 and a total teaching staff of 13 people. This school has a total acreage of 4. P.O. Box 1757, Kisii.

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