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Top ten best public secondary schools in Machakos County

When students are enrolling to various secondary schools in Kenya, parents seek to know more about the secondary schools the students are set to join. Machakos county that if part of Ukambani part of Eastern Kenya is rich in High Schools, and the Girls secondary schools compete hard with their counterparts, the boys secondary schools in Kenya. For instance, in 2013 KCSE results, the girls` secondary schools outshone the boys` secondary schools in Eastern Kenya. If you’re looking for a good school in the county here is a list of the top 10 best public secondary schools.

Machakos Girls High School

Machakos Girls High School is located in the Machakos Town constituency in Mumbuni along Machakos-Kitui Road. The school is part of the Machakos County in the Eastern part of Kenya. The School was started as a Primary School for boys under the name Government African School in 1915. In 1946, the Primary School became a mixed school for boys and girls. In 1950, the school was split and all the boys were moved to the now Machakos School. Postal Address: P.O. Box 13, Machakos 90100, Phone Number: 020-2507272 or Email: machakosgirls09@yahoo.com

Machakos School

Machakos School is a top performing boys boarding secondary school located about 2km from Machakos town on Kitui, Machakos – Nairobi road. It is about 16km from Machakos – Nairobi road junction and about 70 km from Nairobi. The school started in a modest way in 1915 as a boys Primary School at the current Machakos Girls grounds. It was known as African Government School. It was not until 1939 that it changed into a boys Secondary School. In 1946 the first batch of girls were admitted making it a mixed school. It used to take students up to Form 2 but currently runs to form 4. P.O Box 39 Machakos.

Ndalani Secondary School

Ndalani Secondary School is a mixed boarding secondary school, located in Yatta near Matuu Town, Yatta Constituency in Machakos County off Thika-Garissa road. This school usually emerges as top five best performing schools in KCSE in the county. Address: P.O. Box 191, Matuu 90119 or Telephone: 67-435521.

Vyulya Girls Secondary School

Vyulya girls’ secondary school is in eastern province, Mwala district, Vyulya location Masaku County. It was started in 1972 by the community to quest their hunger for education. it was a one streamed school but it has grown over the years to a four streamed school. The school is A.I.C sponsored. Since its inception the school has been performing relatively well as a district. In fact, it is the best public performing school in Mwala District and among the best in Masaku county. The school has self driven and hard working teachers, cooperative Board of Governors and the PTA. The school emphases both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Postal Address: P.O BOX 99-90101, Masii. Phone Number: 044-63025-63238

Misyani Girls Secondary School 

Misyani Girls Secondary School is located in Kangundo constituency, Kikambuani Sub-location, Kanzalu Location in Kangundo Division of Machakos District in Machakos County along the Naitobi-Kangundo road and is a Girls boarding Secondary school. The school nurtures innovation by the students who perform well in science projects. Postal Address: P.O. Box 1249, Kangundo 90115 or Mobile: 0725-217171/ 0727-164222

Katangi Secondary School

Katangi Secondary is a public Secondary school located in Yatta constituency, Katangi Sub-location, Katangi Location in Katangi Division of Machakos District in Machakos county. Postal Address: P.O. Box 9 – 90106 Katangi, Kenya.

Tala Girls Secondary School

Tala Girls Secondary School is a Girls boarding school, located in Kangundo constituency, Katine Sub-location, Tala Location in Matungulu Division of Machakos District in Machakos County along the Tala-Kangundo road. The school has a total acreage of 15. Address: P.O. Box 135, Tala 90131 or Phone Number: 044-21134, 621323

Mumbuni High School

Mumbuni High School is a boys boarding school, located in Machakos County 3 kilometres from Machakos town. It is one of the largest schools in Machakos County with over 800 students. The school was started in 1956 under the sponsorship of African Inland church at a site near Scott Theological college and shifted to the current site in 1975. The school used to be a mixed school until 7th of February 2005 when the girls moved to their own school Mumbuni girls and sits on a 32 acreage land. The school has produced a number of prominent persons in the country, who include Daniel Ndambuki (churchill) of churchill show, Mutinda Mutiso a former member of parliament among others. Address: P.O. Box 310-90100, Machakos.

Mumbuni Girls Secondary School

Mumbuni Girls Secondary School is a girls’ boarding secondary school located in Mumbuni, Lower Kiandani Sub location, in Machakos County. Postal Address: P.O. Box 610-90100 Machakos

Mitaboni Mixed Secondary School

Mitaboni Mixed Secondary School is a public secondary school that is located in Kathiani constituency, Mitaboni Sub-location, Mitaboni Location in Kathiani Division of Machakos District in Machakos county. P.O. Box 79, Mitaboni 90104.

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