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Top ten best public secondary schools in Embu County

Here is a list of top ten schools in Embu county

Moi High School Mbiruri

Moi high school-Mbiruri  is located in Embu East Sub – county, Embu County. It started in 1953 as a primary school. In 1965 it became a secondary school under the sponsorship of the Anglican Church. In 196 it became a mixed secondary school In 1987 it was renamed Moi High School Mbiruri. In 1996 it became a pure boy’s provincial secondary school. As a result of competitive performance, a third stream was started in 2001. In May 2011, the school was upgraded to a national school with four streams. The school has grown to the current population of over 760 students, 35 teachers and 30 support staff. The school stands on a 20 acre piece of land. As a public Christian high school the school endeavors to operate on ministerial guidelines and spiritual values. In terms of academic performance, the school has been performing excellently in K.C.S.E. Contact: 0707082868, Email moimbiruri@yahooo.com or PO Box  60103-34 Runyenjes

Kyeni Girls’ High School 

Kyeni Girls’ High School is a mixed boarding school, located in Kyeni location, Embu County. Kyeni Girls High Sch is in Embu County, Runyenjes Constituency. The Girls Secondary School is located in the Runyenjes constituency in Kyeni South . The school is part of the Embu district in the Eastern province of Kenya. It is a Girls Only Day & Boarding school. The schools sponsorship is listed as Religious Organization. This school has a total acreage of 10. Address: P.O. Box 91-60103, Runyenjes, Telephone; 020 2310523 or Email: kyenigirls@gmail.com

Nyangwa Boys High School 

Nyangwa Boys High School is located within Embu County and is a Boys Boarding secondary school. The school is rooted in Christian values and strives to impart such values and discipline to the boys as they prepare to be role models in the future. And have you seen their school bus? Address. P. O BOX 158 Embu.

Siakago Boys’ High School

Siakago Boys’ High School is a special, school religious organisation sponsored boys’ boarding school located in Riandu Sub location, Nthawa Location, Siakago Division, Siakago Constituency in Embu County. The Boys High School was started in 1965. It was formerly known as Siakago Boarding Intermediate School. In 1970 the school was moved to the present site which is 6km from Siakago Town in Mbeere North District. Most of the school structures were constructed with the help of I.D.A. (International Development Aid). The school strives to provide quality education to meet the needs of the ever changing world as per its mission. Postal Address: P.O. Box 98, Siakago 60104 or Mobile Number: +254-067-21080

Kangaru Girls Secondary School 

Kangaru Girls Secondary School is located in Manyatta constituency, Kamiu Sub-location, Municipality Location in Central – Embu Division of Embu county. The school began in 1947 as an intermediate school for gilrs boarding. In 1962, the school attained High school status and was named Embu Girls Secondary school headed by Dauford and later Ms. P. Mulcahy Morgan. In November 1989, the two schools split to form Kangaru Girls and Kangaru Girls Secondary Schools. Phone: 068 31300, Email: kangarugirls@yahoo.com, Postal Address: P.O Box 1094-60100, Embu, Kenya.

Siakago Girls High School 

Siakago Girls High School is a girls’ boarding school located in Siakago Sub location, Nthawa Location, Siakago Division, Siakago Constituency in Embu County. The school was established in 1970 as a harambee secondary school under the sponsorship of the Catholic Diocese of Embu. The vision of Siakago girls high school is to enhance the formation of a holistic person. Phone Number: 0723476839, 0720788273 or Address: P.O Box 91-60104, Siakago

Nguviu Boys High School

Nguviu Boys High School is a Boys day school, located in Nginda location, Embu County. The Boys high school is a catholic sponsored public boys boarding which was started in 1966. It is 4-streamed extra county school with an enrolment of 825 boys, 33 TSC teachers, 7 BOM teachers and 24 non teaching staff. The school’s motto is the 4D’s ;discipline, determination, dedication and diligence, its vision being; Education for all round development and the mission; To enhance the formation of a holistic person and the goal; Promote human dignity, academic excellence and aesthetic sense according to gospel values and social teachings of the church. Its core values include; Customer Care, Result Oriented, Team spirit, Integrity, Discipline, Motivation, Innovation, Stewardship, Corporate governance and Corporate social responsibility. Phone: 061 230 4395, Email: nguviuboyshighschool@yahoo.com or Postal Address: P.O. BOX 239 – 60100, EMBU.

Mayori Secondary School

Mayori Secondary School is a top performing public school located in Gachoka constituency, Kithunthiri Sub-location, Kithunthiri Location in Gachoka Division of Mbeera District Siakago along the Embu-Kiambu Road. Telephone Number: +254-067-21414 or P.O. Box 56 – 60113 Kiritiri, Kenya.

Mumbuni Girls Secondary School 

Itabua Secondary School is located in Manyatta constituency, Itabua Sub-location, Mbeti north Location in Central – embu Division of Embu District near Embu Town, Manyatta Constituency, Embu County, Kenya. P.O. Box 737 – 60100 Embu, Kenya

St. Catherine Nthagaiya Girls Secondary School

St. Catherine Nthagaiya Girls Secondary School is a Public Sub-County Secondary School, located near Runyenjes Town, Runyenjes Constituency in Embu County. P.O. Box 92 – 60103 Runyenjes, Kenya

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