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Top ten best Law firms offering Pupillage programme in Kenya

In the world of law, once you are done pursuing your degree in law from a recognized Kenyan university, you then proceed to Kenya School of Law. After KSL, you need to find law firms that will enable you practice for 1 year. This period is called pupillage and it is divided into 2 six-month stages, each called the non-practising six. During this period, the pupil is able to learn by helping their supervisor in areas such as conducting legal research,hearings and in case preparation. However, during the 2nd half, the pupil is eligible to start as practicing barristers, that is, they are free to get clients on their own. There is quite a number of reputable law firms in Kenya that will best prepare you for the life ahead in your career. Take a look;

1. Kaplan & Sratton Advocates

It was started in 1938 and it is currently the largest law firm in East Africa. The firm has 22 partners and focuses on commercial law with global expertise. Every year the firm offers 7-10 opportunities for pupillage to qualified young lawyers who have to send their resume and cover letter to be considered.

2.Macharia-Mwangi & Njeru advocates

Established in 1993, this firm prides itself as a truly reliable, trustworthy and dependable law firm that has eight advocates two of whom are partners, four legal assistants and fourteen support staff. The firm offers pupillage every year to qualified young lawyers.

3.Simba & Simba Advocates

The law firm was established 26 years ago and practices on Labour, Civil and criminal litigation, Intellectual property among other practices. They have a team of over 15 qualified advocates and offer one year pupillage opportunities to successful candidates.

4.Wamae & Allen Advocates

Every year, the firm offers six-months pupillage opportunities to eight successful young law students and/or graduates who have to send their academic certificates copies, resume and passport size photograph as part of the application process. The interview process is rigorous.

5.Abdullahi Gitari & Odhiambo Advocates LLP (AGO)

This is a premier law firm located in Upperhill Nairobi with a large and diverse client portfolio. They offer a number of pupillage opportunities to qualified applicants.

6.Karimbux-Effendy & Company Advocates

The firm was established in 2005 by a sole practitioner and has over the years grown to a team comprising of consultants, associates, legal assistants and support staff. They accept applications for pupillage and offer opportunities to qualified applicants.

7.Oraro & Company Advocates

This premier law firm has been in existence for 42 years and emerged as the first runners-up in the Nairobi Legal awards 2019 that were hosted by the Law Society of Kenya. It is a firm that offers exceptional client care practice and a great place to fast track your career in law!

8.Muma & Kanjana Advocates

The law firm which was established in 2006 specializes in Dispute resolution and General commercial law practice. They offer pupillage opportunities every year to successful candidates.

9.Daniel Orenge & Company Advocates

This law firm was established in 2008 and boasts a large and diverse client base including banks and financial institutions. Their specialty is conveyance and property law and have offices in Nairobi and Mombasa. Applications for pupillage opportunities are accepted every year and opportunities for the same offered to successful candidates.


With a large portfolio of services such as debt capital markets, commercial property and data protection, this law firm bagged a number of prestigious awards including Law firm of the Year 2018. Application for pupillage instructions can be accessed via the company’s website.

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