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Top 10 Best Professional Make up artists in Kenya 2018

It is amazing how make up industry is growing day after day. From entertainment field to communication sector, make up artist input cannot be ignored. They put major skill and time so as to bring the best in other artists, as far as art world is concerned.

1. Muthoni Njoba

Muthoni Njoba

Muthoni studied the art at the Academy of Freelance Make-up in London. As the official brand ambassador and make-up artist for Maybelline New York Kenya, Muthoni has an experience of over five years in the industry. Her extreme passion for make-up has seen her create the tutorial series dubbed BE.YOU.TIFUL. in YouTube.

2. Kangai Mwiti

Kangai Mwiti

Kangai Mwiti is award-winning make-up artist, with a background in beauty. She owns Bellasa Africa, a YouTube channel on sharing make-up tips and tutorial and even general beauty tips.

With her vast experience  she has worked with of eight years’ in art industry  she has worked with celebrities, brands, and influential political figures.

3. Ruth Kinuthia

Ruth Kinuthia

The one time Miss Kenya who also happens to be a lawyer by profession, is a renowned make-up artist. Her passion for art made her to win Make-up Artist of the Year (2016) at the Annual Kenya Fashion Awards.

4. Joy Balogun

Joy Balogun

Joy is a Nigerian make up artist who is based in Nairobi. She has heavily counted on her Instagram followers to show to the world how skillful she is when it comes to make up world.

5. Phoina Tosha

Phoina Tosha

It is seemingly clear that Phoina has greatly counted on her social media to show to the world how excellent she is when it comes to make up artistry. With her good relation with other celebrities in the industry, she is one of the most sought after makeup artist in Nairobi.

6. Steve Koby

Steve Koby

Its amazing that this industry has a male representative. Koby’s work has been featured in Samantha Bridal, Wahu’s Rexona ad in Turkey, Fashion High Tea, Mashariki Mix, among others.

7. Karen Macharia

Karen Macharia

Karen has been in the industry for quite sometime now since 2014. Her passion for art made her to quit  a lucrative job at Etihad Airways.

8. Wacuka Thimba

Wacuka has worked closely with models on Drum and True Love Magazine and has also established a niche in the bridal make-up world. Her level of art mastery has amazed many making her one of the most sought after make up artist.

9. Fatou Hassan

Fatou has worked with A-list celebrities and shows such as MTV’s Shuga, Siri, Magic Makeover and The Big For Fun Show. She does not only focus on make-up, but production make-up or special effects make-up.

10. Sinita Owuor

Sinita Owour is a Ugandan make up based in Nairobi. Her main niche includes conceptual looks, high fashion and beauty. Apart from blogging, Sinita has also shown her talented she is when it comes in the world of writing. She has also worked with Healthy Woman Magazine.

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