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Teachers beware: Top ways students keep their phones unreachable in Schools

With exam period getting closer student are now using all means to see to it that they have phones within their reach. Mobile phones are undoubtedly main modes of exam irregularities in Kenya. With the recent rules set by KNEC, exam irregularities will not be condoned.

When you see students fighting to have phones in schools its a clear vindication that despair and hopelessness have taken over their minds.

Head of institutions should therefore lay down stringent measures to make sure exam centres are mobile phone free. In order to make it easy, Jambo News has unearthed possible areas ways students are likely to keep mobile phones in school’s environment.

Top ways/places students keep their phones unreachable in schools during exam time

1. Ablution block

This is one of the area where students keep their gadgets. They choose this area because they are damn sure that teachers cannot think of visiting this place.

2. Flower beds & dust bins

Here student become more crafty and strategically wrap the phone in a polythene bag and hide it in memorable place. The purpose of wrapping it in a polythene bag is to minimize worry in case of rain during the day.

For dustbins, they closely monitor the spot until the day dies.

3. Inside a holed loaf of bread

This is the most painful way of storing their gadgets. Its not easy for students to see a loaf of bread wasting away on a pretext of keeping their phones unreachable.

Here they also exhibit high level creativity. A phone size hole is created inside a bread and then the gadget is cautiously made to penetrate through the bread crust.

4. Strategically dug holes

Students here depicts high level of artistry. A hole is dug within a school compound where a phone is wrapped in a polythene bag and placed in it. The phone is stored in that hole for a better part of the day.

5. Behind shelves in a classroom

Classrooms that have shelves probably meant for keeping books and revision materials provide a suitable environment for keeping phones. Students will tend to keep their phones in those shelves because teachers will hardly think of ransacking the place.

6. Ceiling boards

Classrooms and dormitories that are fitted with ceiling boards serve as potential storage points for phones. A part from keeping phones, students also tend to dangerously improvise phone charging points in ceiling boards.

7. Strategic points in School fence

This place is mostly used by students to hide their phones. Corners are most preferred because of their memorability.

8. Unprofessional teachers

There are teachers who conspire with students and secretly agree to keep their phones. Its very easy to recognize such teachers. In most cases they are lenient when handling discipline issues. In addition such teachers are usually popular among students.

9. Undisciplined support staff

This is one category of personnel within school set up that can also secretly plot to keep students’ phones. Mostly, they do so with an aim of expecting monetary favours from students.

10. Non cooperative business persons within or outside school environment

This class of people have also proved to keep students’ phones. Within school compound it can either persons operating school canteen or those supplying essential goods like milk among others.

School administration should either minimize or monitor how students interact with this class of people.

11. Used up containers

Other students keep their phones in opaque containers in their lockers or boxes. These containers may include; Kiwi, blue band, detergents containers like Toss among others.

Do you have anything to add to this article? Feel free and speak your mind through the comment section below.

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