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Selina Maisha Magic Full Cast and Real Names, Controversy, Synopsis, Director, Episodes and Shoot Location

Selina is a Kenyan Swahili soap opera and telenovela that airs on Maisha Magic East on Go TV Channel 4 every week day from 8.30 pm till 9.00 pm. The show is currently available to stream or download on Showmax. Its reruns are also available on You Tube.

Selina Maisha Magic East Synopsis, About Selina

The series revolves around the life of Selina, a poor intelligent young woman who has just completed her high school education and awaits joining university. However, Krishna, her wicked stepmother, is not ready to let this happen. Instead, she is coming up with a plan on how to sell her off to work as a maid for the Mackenzie family so as to stop her from furthering her education. Sadly, Krishna succeeds in making Selina go work as a maid. Unexpectedly, Selina is loved by her employers because she has a golden touch to whatever she touches.

Selina Maisha Magic East Number of Episodes

Selina currently has over 200 episodes.

Selina Maisha Magic East Director

Selina was directed Reuben Odanga.

Selina Full Cast (Characters) and their Real Names

SelinaCelestine GachuhiSelina is a 20 year old brilliant lady, who, thanks to her wicked step-mother Kristina, has ended up working as a maid in a wealthy family of the Mackenzies. Her deceitful stepmother managed to convince her that she needs to work here so as to provide her family.
NelsonPacallino Lpesinoi Lenguro Tokodi aka

Pascal Tokodi

He is a rich man who is in love with a very gorgeous lady from a well-off family of reputable cosmetic surgeon parents. This blinds him from concentrating on his family. He later falls in love with Selina.
BikoPeter KamauBiko is a strict businessman who is fighting for Selina’s affection with Nelson.
Patricia MackenzieHelen KeliPatricia is a younglady from a filthy rich family. The house and business are both under her name, something that gives her power in outwardly showing people that she is the boss.
BoiCollins OgandoHe is Kristina’s son
Jacqueline aka JacqueGloria SongoroGloria plays Jacque in the show Selina.
KristinaVictoria Wakio MzengeKristina is the money- hungry, 2-faced step mother of Selina and the wife to Zakayo. She also happens to be Boi’s mother. Kristina is trying to play safe on both sides; Selina and Zakayo. She lies to Zakayo that Selina is off to live with a wealthy family that will fund her education. Meanwhile, she is earning money as Selina works as a maid over there.
ColleteJoyce MainaThis veteran actress plays the role of Collete who is one of Selina’s haters.
ZakayoWycliffe EravunaHe is Selina’s biological father and Kristina’s husband
PamelaIrene KamauIrene plays Pamela in this series
ReaganKone NouhoumHe is an attractive man that marries Zoe, who is his secretary. Together, they steal money from Reagan’s family account as they grow his business. He is half Malawian, half Tanzanian.
ZoeMbeki MwalimuShe is Reagan’s secretary and the two end up getting married. She is Reagan’s partner-in-crime.
RossetteBrenda WairimuRossette is the new villain in the series who gangs up with Biko so as to separate Nelson and Selina.
HenchmanDouglas MuigaiMuigai is a 29 year old man who plays the role of Henchman in the show.
JanetWanjira Hassan
LukeAbel AmungaHe has been able to play a role in Sense8 and Taking the Flak
XavierAlex KhayoHe went to the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa to study Journalism but dropped out to pursue acting as a career.


Selina Maisha Magic East Shoot Location

Selina was shot in Nairobi, Kenya.

Selina Maisha Magic East Cast dies 

Kone died after being in hospital after an ugly accident. He played Reagan in the show. May his soul rest in peace.

Selina Maisha Magic East Controversies, Fakeness

After adding in the fake Nelson, viewers are claiming the show is becoming fake and that it is a waste of talent.

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