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Sultana Citizen Tv Actors, Cast, Real Names, Plot, Producer, Today’s Episode

Kenya’s top Television, Citizen Tv has unveiled program dubbed Sultana. The programme has replaced Zora that has kept Kenyans glued to their screens for more than a year.

Sultana show stars several actors and actresses including Lolani Kalu who is playing the ‘Babu’ role as one of the actors. Lolani Kalu is former reporter on NTV.

Lolani’s come back as an actor caught many by surprise since most of his fans knew him as a journalist.

The first edition of the show aired on Monday, 7th March, replacing Zora. It is now increasingly clear that Sultana will air every week (Monday to Friday) between 1930hrs and 2000hrs.

Of important to note is that the Sultana show is that it is also produced Jiffy Pictures, a film company owned by Lulu Hassan and her husband, TV news presenter, Rashid Abdalla. Both Maria and Zora shows were produced by same company that is owned by the power couple that graces  screens every weekend on Citizen Tv during 1900hrs news.

Sultana Citizen Tv Show Plot

The Sultana show evolves around a young lady who was born in a well-to-do family but living a very hard life in poverty and disabilities. Evidently in the programme Sultana’s dad always yearned for a baby boy, but due to bad luck his Wife gave birth to a baby girl.

Sultana’s father had too much pride and this made him to contemplate killing the girl Sultana so that he cannot be ashamed in the village for siring a baby girl, who according to their traditions cannot inherit his property.

The father of Sultana polygamous and had two wives. Sultana who is the main character was born from the first wife. When the younger wife found out that the first wife had given birth to a baby girl she planned to play a very dangerous game so as to safeguard the life of baby Sultana. She interchanged Sultana with another Baby boy who was born in the same village the same day Sultana was born. After a few days news was spread like bush fire in the village that Sultana’s father had given birth to a baby boy.

A few days later they found out that Sultana’s was a very beautiful girl but was born with a disability and that is blindness. Her disability made the family to neglect Sultana who ended up living a hard life full of poverty. She goes through many problems like abuse.

However, Sultana will later beat all odds and come out strong to fight for her life despite of all challenges life will pose to her.

Sultana Citizen Tv Show Characters, Cast, Roles, Real Names

In this part, I will take you through names of all Sultana show Characters and their real names as revealed by eafeed.com

CharacterReal Name
SultanaMwanaasha Johari
Jabali JuniorOthman njaidi
Major JabaliSuleiman Fadhili
Baby JJAqsa Shani
Baby SultanaMercy Shani
Young Jabali JuniorKhalid Jamal Ali
BabuLolani Kalu
Bi UaMarian Ahmed Mzee
Bi SalamaRehema Rajab
MarenoJuma Shambi
ZuuAnnette Odubi
MwanzeleDavid Mbiko
AbyaVerity Wakilo
FatmaAngie Magio
Dr. KambiYasmin Esmail June
Dr. KokanNelson Mandela
Kokan JuniorIssa Mwandigo
DidaWinnie Bwire
DuyaPatrick Francis Owino

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