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Photos: Handsome Celebrities giving Kenyan ladies sleepless nights

Kenya is known to have the hottest guys in Africa, sorry not Africa, in whole world. Ranging from TV presenters to musicians, Kenyan Entertainment industry is richly blessed with stylish and well-proportioned celebrities.

Here are top 5 graceful celebrities, who are giving Kenyan ladies fidgeting nights. Jambo news has not arranged them in any particular order of their handsomeness.

1. Nicholas Munene Mutuma

He is popularly known as Nick Mutuma. Born on 22 September, 1988, he is a Kenyan actor as well as TV host. Many blogs refers him as the most sexiest male celebrity in Kenya.

2. Salim Swaleh

Salim swaleh is a kenyan media personality. He hosts Kiswahili bulletin on Ntv. His soft-spoken nature is what makes him to win  hearts of many.

3. Martin Kimathi

Martin Kimathi is a host on Teen Republik, which airs every Saturday on NTV 11am to 1pm.

4. Kagwe Mungai

Kagwe Mungai was born in January 1991 in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a Kenyan Afro funky house artist whose career has tremendously grown day after day. Kagwe is a sweetheart and ladies drool at the sight of him.

5. Bryan Chweya

Bryan Chweya-the Elani band member who not only has a killer voice but also looks to die for. The young advocate also has a very unique fashion sense.

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