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KwaNgwaru ( Kikuyu Rendition ) – Mc Georges

Kwangwaru is a massive hit in east and central Africa truly. Every corner of this region plays this banger and you can’t get tired listening to it over and over. So far the original video has more than 17M views on youtube. I bet you dont know a guy by the name,Genius Georgy,or do you? Well he is a new chap who has made Kwangwaru cover in his mother tongue! Harhar sounds funny but that is the fact.

So today I happened to listen Kwangwaru Kikuyu cover and one thing is,the song is dope. Its a cover that can make you feel romantic from nowhere.

Mc Georgy Kwangwaru cover is in a urban kikuyu accent tone. And its sooo beautiful. The way he flows in the song is magical. True love is depicted from the tune.

As many youtubers,I will join the trend and say,I dont know  the language but the cover song is just amazing!

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