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KNEC Requirements For Registration Of Examination Centres 2022

The Kenya National Examination council is a body the is mandated with the responsibility of registering examination centres.

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It is important to note any new institution wishing to register candidates for KNEC examinations must fulfil the following:-

    1. Submit a valid registration certificate from the Ministry of Education; in case of school (KCPE & KCSE) and Teacher Education examinations.
    2. Business and Technical examination centres should submit a report from Technical, Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).
    3. Complete and submit an application form for registration of a new examination centre which is available on KNEC website
    4. Submit a questionnaire duly filled by the Sub-County Director of Education or the Kenya National Examinations Council after inspection of the centre. This must be accompanied by a report giving recommendations on the status of the institution;
      (The application must reach KNEC a year before registration of the candidates).
    5. When an examination centre relocates to a new premise it is required to apply to KNEC for re-inspection

The Council reserves the right to combine examination centres for purposes of ease of administration of examinations and for security reasons.

The minimum candidature that an examination centre is allowed to present for the various examinations is:-

  • KCPE and KCSE – fifteen (15) candidates.
  • Business, Technical and Teacher Education – ten (10) candidates.
  • Foreign Examinations – fifteen (15) candidates.

Examination centres presenting fewer candidates than the required minimum are not recognized as examination centres and should  be hosted by other examination centres.

However, prisons and institutions presenting candidates with special needs are exempted from the above rule.

During registration of candidates, all examination centres are expected to log onto the KNEC Registration portal for specific examination and enter the candidates’ details using the school/centre registration password.

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