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I don’t know him.. Shame as Zari Hasan rejects A Range Rover gift from Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone Apoko, who has been desperately craving for Ugandan boss lady Zarina Hassan is not only a disappointed man, but also a heartbroken one. The Tenda Wema hit maker bought an expensive Range Rover as a gift to Zari, but his efforts to reach her bore no fruits.

Ringtone with Kiss 100 presenter Shafie Weru

It was even more heartbreaking, when the boss lady outrightly said that she doesn’t know the gospel star. Speaking to Willis Raburu of 10 over 10 show, the mother of five said she doesn’t want a Range Rover from any person.

Zari who is Diamond Platnumz’s ex wife, registered her displeasure while publicly denouncing Ringtone on a live TV show. Speaking on Friday evening show, she added that she wasn’t ready to love this year.

Through his Instagram post, it seemingly clear that the gospel star is not likely to give up on his quest to win Zari’s heart.

Ringtone’s Instagram post after being denounced by Zari Hasan

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