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How toilet business has turned out to be goldmine in kenya

Toilet business is the new way of making good money. Its an underrated goldmine. This is a lucrative business idea in especially in urban areas. Whats more amazing is that you don’t need to look for market or advertise your services since answering to nature calls is automatic.

Its true that every day, close to one million people come to the city centre and a big fraction of them need lavatory services. Some twice or more daily. The good thing is that demand for this services is high at night, but because of insecurity, it is hard to operate past 9pm. Places that enjoy good security will see you operating for 24 hours.

To get a glimpse of how lucrative this business is, consider this: charging sanitation services at Ksh 10, you need 500 people to make ksh 5,000 per day. This will give you a rough estimate of ksh 150,000 monthly. If you pay a rent of Ksh 20,000 and other miscellaneous expenses you will remain with more than ksh 100,000. This is good money and very few employer will pay you this amount.

Things to consider before starting toilet business

Apart from legal requirements, here are key issues to pay attention to before venturing into this lucrative business

  • Location– how successful business gets depends on ready market. What increases marketability of a business is a good location. This kind of business will do well in densely populated places. It can either be market places or bus stages.
  • sanitation – ensure that proper sanitation is given priority. When people find the place well maintained they always come back and this lead to permanent customers. Having reliable customers will increase profit margin.

One can also buy portable toilets and provide lavatory services when demand rises. Such services are usually in demand where a large crowd is expected like church functions, wedding and parties, educational events, government events, corporate events and many other general gatherings and functions.

Here is a list of top mobile toilet supplier in Kenya



Uniqueloo Ltd

0722 852 180 / 0724616134


Karibu Loo



Brooms Ltd

0722676582 /+254 20 6004864 / 0717604783

info@broomslimited.com / msa@brooms.com

Ideal Sanitation

(Ecoloo Classic)

0721599203 / 0725752600


Ecotact Ltd

020 2459130

Portable Mobile Toilets (Nairobi)

0724274907 / 0728941587


Porta Loos


Goldwings Events

+254 020 4449210 / 0722514880



Excloosive Toilets

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