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How to bid government tenders and win 2018

In 2013, the procurement rules were amended to allow 30 per cent of all government contracts to be given to the youth, women and the disabled.

Though the road to securing a tender may be a long and narrow one, paved with many challenges, its also important to keep in mind that as a youth if you become persistent and consistent, you are likely to win a government tender.

If you want to successfully win a government tender, you need to do the following;

1. Read through the document properly

This is crucial since it will enable you to properly understand what the organization wants and what you can deliver.

2. Fill the document in full

When filling the tendering document, ensure you don’t leave any part out. In case there is a part you don’t understand feel free to inquire so that you can provide appropriate information.

3. Exercise honesty

Don’t be too ambitious when filling the tender document. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver in case you win the tender.

4. Proper pricing

While quoting the prices do not be too high or too low, this will eventually work against you and the organization is likely to consider you irresponsible.

5. Quality service

In case you successfully qualify, ensure you deliver quality services and goods. This will help in keeping that good reputation and in turn you are increasing your chances of being given tenders in future.

6. Follow up

This is very important especially if you lose a tendering bid. By following up, you’ll be in a good position to find out why you lost, and it will open up your eyes so as to increase your chances of winning in future.

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