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Education services offered at Huduma Centre

Huduma Centre is one of the best ideas that the government has ever come up with.

The main objective of the Huduma Kenya Programme is to turn around public service delivery to ensure citizens accessibility to efficient Government services.

The whole idea involves bringing government services and dissemination of information closer to the common ‘mwananchi’.

Myriad of government services are offered at Huduma centre, but in this post am going to focus on education.

1. Placement at Public Pre-Primary and Primary Schools

It is the ultimate responsibility of parent/guardian to enroll their child/children at any public pre-primary and public primary schools near their home of residence. This service is offered at Huduma Centre.

The minimum age for admission into a primary school is six years. Those below six years are to be enrolled for pre-primary.

It takes 8 years to transition from Class 1 to Class 8 at which point one is registered to sit for KCPE.

2. Registration of KCPE Examinations candidates

Registration of Candidates for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is cordinated by the Schools’ Head Masters via KNEC online portal; www.knec-portal.ac.ke. Private Candidates are registered for KCPE examination by the County Education Officers.

KCPE examinations are set, administered, marked, and certificates awarded by Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). The Government caters for the full cost of administering exams for all students in Kenya.

3. Placement at Public Secondary Schools

Placement at Sub-County, County, Extra County and National Public Secondary Schools are cordinated by the Ministry of Education after the release of KCPE Examination results.

Students placement to the schools are based on their KCPE performance. Students get admission letters via the Ministry of Education website http://www.education.go.ke. The best students get admitted into National Schools.

It takes 4 years to transition from Form 1 to Form 4 at which point one registered to sit for KCSE. Subjects to specialize in are to be informed by the students career objective as published and distributed to Schools by KNEC. The career book is also available online on KNEC website.

Government Fees Guideline; Current fees payable by parents as stated on the Gazette Notice No. 1555 of March 2015 are as follows;

4. Confirmation and Verification of KNEC Exams Results

When seeking a job after Form 4 or seeking for admission at a local or international university, the employer/institution can seek verification of your Certificates or Results.

To get your results verified, you will be required to download Verification and Confirmation of Results form from KNEC website http://www.knec.ac.ke fill and submit it individually or post to KNEC offices in Nairobi.

Details required include;
1. The exact names used during the examination.
2. The applicant’s (candidate’s) full index number
3. The level and year of examination
4. The name of the school/center where the examination was taken
5. A copy of the certificate(s)/result slip (s) to be confirmed (Mandatory)
6. Full address of the employer or institution where the statement of examination results is to be sent

After processing the application, the confirmation and verification results will be sent directly to your employer or institution as indicated on the application form.

5.Replacement of Lost KNEC Certificate

To replace a lost KNEC Certificate, download Application for Replacement Certificate form from KNEC website; www.knec.ac.ke, fill appropriately and present the form to KNEC offices in Nairobi.

1. Copy of certificate(s) or result slip(s)
2. Police abstract indicating loss of the certificate(s)-ORIGINAL COPY
3. Recommendation letters addressed to KNEC from either of the following :
(i).From head-teacher of the school attended-ORIGINAL COPY
(ii).From CDE/DEO for private candidates or those whose schools have closed down- ORIGINAL COPY
(iii).From employer ORIGINAL COPY
4. Sworn legal affidavit on identity of applicant-ORIGINAL COPY
5. Copy of National ID/Passport/Birth Certificate

Note; Copy of lost certificate or result slip is mandatory to get this service otherwise you cannot get this service

Cost:Kshs. 5,800
Timelines:  A replacement certificate will be issued within three (3) months from the date of request


6. Placement for Universities and College Education in Kenya

Placement to Public Universities and Colleges in Kenya under the Government student sponsorship program are by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) who, after the release of KCSE Examinations select students for various courses as per their preferences and qualifications. Entry mark set for students considered for University studies is C+ and above.

Students can also seek private enrollment at their preferred University or College at which point the University or College may independently admit the student as a private student.

7. Registration for KCSE exams

To sit for KCSE, one need to be a holder of valid KCPE certificate or KCPE equivalent for students with foreign education. Students with qualification from other countries will need to equate their certification (Foreign candidates must sit for the KCSE qualifying exam a year before registering sitting for the examination to get KNEC equation letter).

Candidate must enter a minimum of 7 subjects and maximum of 9 subjects.

Registrations for KCSE are done via www.knec-portal.ac.ke by Principals of the various Schools for Students in their Schools. Private Candidates registrtion are through the County Education Officers.

Registering to repeating KCSE exams is allowed; those registering for 7 subjects and above can repeat as many times as possible as long as they meet the entry requirements and their results will be graded accordingly. Repeaters taking less than 7 subjects must however sit for KCSE wihin two years preceding the year of their last siting.

Candidates registering for less than 7 subjects will get a supplementary certificate that will only show the subjects attempted (this will not alternate the initial mean grade scored) and they will only be allowed to repeat twice in the 2 subsequent years following the 1st attempt.

Registration for KCSE examinations Candidates who are Physically or Mentally Challenged are also facilitated. Assistance needed by the candidate during the exam is usually stated during the registration.

8. Application for Education Loan/Application for Higher Education Students’ Loan

To support needy students through college and university studies; in catering for their upkeep, the Government through the Higher Education Board (HELB) extend loans to learners.

To be considered for the loan, one need to create an account on HELB application portal; www.helb.co.ke/registration/index.jsp, fill mandatory field provided in the application form, print the filled form, attach all documents required and drop off at HELB offices or at any Huduma Centre.

-Visit www.helb.co.ke/registration/index.jsp
-Create account
-Fill application and Save it

-View application and ensure all details are correct
-Print form
-Attach all documents required and drop off at HELB offices or Huduma centre

-ID Card
-Bank Account
-KRA Pin
-Parents’ Particulars
-Parents’ death certificate (if you are an orphan)

Successful students get their loan credited directly into their Bank accounts in installments at the beginning of every semester.

9. HELB Loan payment

At completion of ones studies, repayment of the loan is expected.

To pay by Mpesa, on your mobile money Menu, Go to lipa na Mpesa, choose Paybill, Enter HELB paybill number 200800, enter your account number which is your ID Number, enter amount paying, enter PIN, confirm the transaction and submit the payments.

For any Loan Recovery Enquiry eg. on the amount to pay per month, email billing@helb.co.ke or log on to HELB website.

On other ways on how to pay for the loan and or any inquiry, visit any HELB offices or Huduma center countrywide.

To track the loan status over time, Log in into your HELB account and check under Loan Reports. Student guide to loan repayment is also available on www.helb.co.ke.

10. HELB clearance Certificate

Upon clearing the loan issued, one can apply for the loan clearance certificate on the HELB portal or at any Huduma Centre. Those who did not get HELB loans but require the Board clearance Certificate can apply for it too.

Requirements: if not a HELB Beneficiary
-Duly filled enquiry form from HELB
-Letter by applicant confirming they did not receive a HELB loan
-Copy of High School exam card
-University/College transcripts
-Copy of National ID
-Employer appointment letter
– Bank slip of Kshs. 1000 paid to HELB

11. KASNEB Registration as a new student

Kenya Accountants & Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB) is the examining body for Certified Accountants and Secretaries professionals in Kenya.

Registration for KASNEB exams can be done in any KASNEB office or Huduma Centre. To enroll for the varied KASNEB examinations, the following are required;
a. Credentials (KCSE result slip)
b. 2 passport size photos
c. Copy of ID

12. Registration of Adult Education

Those interested to be care givers for persons living with disability can enroll for Special Education training. This may include teachers, parents, social workers, caregivers and paramedics or other interested persons. Requirements for enrollment of Certificate Course in Special Education is O-level of education

13. Diploma in Special Education

To be eligible for the Diploma Course in Special Needs Education (SNE) course, applicant may possess Certificate in Special Education or any other equivalent qualifications.


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