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Circumstances TSC Can Terminate Check Off Facility

Check-off facility shall be terminated by the Commission in any of the  following circumstances:  

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  • Failure by the third party to comply with the statutory provisions as well as  any Government Regulations and rules relating to third party deductions.
  • In the event that any applicable rules and regulations makes a deduction  illegal or not permissible from an employee’s salary.
  • In the event the third party becomes bankrupt or is de-registered under the  law.
  • If the third party engages in any practice deemed by the Commission to be  fraudulent or illegal on the part of the third party.
  • For purposes of this section, the Commission shall give or issue fourteen  (14) days notice of its intention to terminate the relationship with the third  party.
  • In the event a third party is refused, barred, suspended or terminated from  the use of the check-off facility by the Commission, the third party may  appeal in writing, to the Commission for a review of the decision within  twenty-one (21) days.

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 A third party shall pay a service charge for processing of deductions, data,  information, reports, and/or any other service provided by the Commission; 

  • The Third party shall fully absorb the service charge cost without passing it to  the employee;
  • The applicable rates for service charge shall be as indicated under the schedule  3 and shall take effect from the date of these guidelines;
  • Service charge shall be reduced from the remittances of the third party at the  end of every month;
  • These rates shall be determined by the Commission from time to time.


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