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Best Pension Schemes/plans in Kenya

The best thing one can do to self is to have a dependable pension plan. It doesn’t matter the amount of cash you get each month, what remains is that one day this money will cease and your life will solely depend on your previous pension plan.

By and large, good pension plan doesn’t mean you save more than half of your monthly salary. Its good to start saving as early as possible. Though its certainly a challenge figuring out how much to save for retirement, the following lead questions can guide you;

  • How much you will need each month after retiring
  • How much money you’ll expect from your pension plan
  • Where should you put your pension
  • How old you are
  • How you want to live after retirement

Choosing a good scheme does not only give you hope for a good future, but also gives you an opportunity to lead a self reliant life. A life that will prevent you from cursing your children and grandchildren for abandoning you.

Now that you’ve known how important pension plan is, the next thing is to find out best pension schemes in Kenya. I’m going to list best pension scheme in Kenya 2018 that are registered by Retirement Benefits Authority.

Best pension schemes/plans in Kenya 

  • Jubilee Insurance Company Personal Pension Plan
  • Blue MSMEs Jua Kali Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme (Mbao Pension Plan)
  • Old Mutual Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme
  • Octagon Personal Pension Scheme
  • Alexander Forbes (Vuna Pension Plan)
  • UAP Individual Pension Plan
  • Britam Pension Scheme
  • ICEA Lion Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme
  • Amana Personal Pension Plan
  • Zimele Personal Pension Plan
  • APA Life
  • Intime Personal Pension Plan
  • Apollo Insurance Company Individual pension Arrangement
  • CPF Individual Pension Scheme
  • Blue shield Personal Pension Plan
  • Dry Associates Personal Provident Plan
  • British American Provident Fund
  • Chancery Personal Pension Plan
  • Eagle Africa Maisha Milele Pension Plan
  • CFC Life Individual pension Pension plan
  • In wealth Personal Pension Scheme
  • CIC Pension Plan
  • Kenyan Alliance Insurance Co.Ltd. Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme
  • GA Life Personal Pension Plan
  • Kenindia Assurance Company Personal Pension Plan
  • Kenyan Alliance Insurance
  • Company Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme
  • Madison Insurance Personal Pension Plan
  • The Monarch Personal Pension Plan
  • Pan Africa Life Personal Pension Plan
  • Pioneer Assurance Company Personal Pension
  • The Heritage All Company Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme
  • Co-op Trust Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme

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