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Best meme creators in Kenya 2019; Maina Ndegwa, Karismemes, Gsongz Siloh

Kenyan Netizens have proved beyond reasonable doubts their creativity when it comes online fun. Most of them create memes that go viral and make online the best place to be.

Memes come either in form of pictures or videos accompanied with funny descriptions. Most of them are widely shared via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Its a jaw dropping fact that nowadays creating memes is one of the best paying jobs in Kenya. It can either be part time or full time but at the of the day bills are paid through generating memes.

Though most of them are short lived, the joy they bring is unending.

Most meme creators use prominent people or renowned celebrities. President Uhuru Kenyatta, Dp Ruto, musician Mejja, and Kiambu Governor Waititu are mostly used in memes.

Trending phrases like lamba lolo, bora uhai, Unajipata umekufa are also used to generate memes.

Best meme creators in Kenya

1. Gsongz Siloh

Gsongz Siloh is one of the best meme creator in Kenya. Most of his memes are thrilling and will definitely turn dull day bright.

Connect with Gsongz Siloh in Facebook to get more of his memes.

2. Kariuki Kamau (Karismemes)

Most of his memes are labelled karismemes. They reveal high level of creativity.

To get more of his interesting memes connect with him on Facebook.

3. Maina Ndegwa

Maina Ndegwa has not only made online life more interesting but also given meme creation new meaning. His meme creating prowess is uniquely admired.

Through memes, Ndegwa can create an interesting story (thread) that will leave your ribs aching.

Click here to connect with him on Facebook

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