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Best After shave lotions/sprays for men 2018

Feeling the burn every time you shave? Don’t worry anymore. I’ve highlighted best after shave lotions and sprays that will soothe and moisturise your skin after shaving.

These products will leave your skin free of irritation and infection, and it’ll be so smooth.

1. Bump Patrol

Bump Patrol is the ultimate solution for bumps, every time you shave, everywhere you shave. It offers an intensive treatment that assists in preventing and treating bumps and irritation caused by shaving in just seven days.

2. Demin black

Demin black is a masculine fragrance with a strong personality, designed for the contemporary, elegant and confident man. It gives your skin unmistakable, unique and fresh sensation.

3. Nivea post shave palm

It is specially formulated for sensitive skins. Nivea post shave palm regenerates and protects against skin inflammation, hence making it one of the best after shave lotion for men.

4. MK men After shave

It softens the skin giving it that awesome cooling effect. Mk men after shave is easily absorbed by the skin thus controlling bumps effectively.

5. Chase after shave

Chase for Men After Shave Balm Soothes, moisturises and protects your skin after shaving. Since it is enriched with vitamin it gives the skin best feeling. Its best in controlling pumps.

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