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A Czech footballer who suffered a dramatic injury in the Toulon tournament

The Toulon tournament is an annual competition held in France where some of the best young footballers face each other. At http://so.1xbet.com/ all bettors can find excellent opportunities to wager on all matches of this competition.

The 1993 edition seemed to be just another instance of this competition. However, this event could have ended in tragedy for a young Czechoslovak player. On the 11th of June 1993, the U-21 teams from Portugal and Czechoslovakia were playing against each other. At the 1xBet platform all punters can encounter great opportunities to wager on the national teams of those countries too. This match would be mostly remembered not for its final result, which was a 2-1 victory for Portugal, but for a totally different situation.

An assistant referee saves the day

Hugh Dallas is one of the most respected Scottish referees of all time. The 1xBat app for bets can also be used to wager on all kinds of decisions taken by football officials. He was one of the linesmen during that match between the Portuguese and Czechoslovak squads.

During the second, Martin Svedik, a midfielder who played for Banik Ostrava at the time, suffered a serious collision with a Portuguese player. You can always use the app for bets provided by 1xBet to wager on all kinds of circumstances that happen during football matches.

Svedik fell to the ground in an awkward position. Dallas, who was very close to the incident, immediately realized that the Czechoslovak player had suffered a serious injury. He immediately called for medical assistance, who went to help the midfielder.

A serious diagnosis

Svedik was quickly taken to the hospital. After the necessary tests were made, the doctors discovered that the player had suffered a broken neck. The safe online casino 1xBet also offers excellent games that can be used while waiting for other great football matches.

The player, who was 18 years old at the time, was taken to Prague for further treatment after he had been stabilized in a French hospital.

Probably everybody understands how serious of an injury a broken neck can be. Thankfully, Martin Svedik went on to make a full recovery. This positive outcome can also be attributed to the actions of Hugh Dallas, as he immediately realized the severity of the situation and acted accordingly.

Svedik went on to play and coach on many teams after the incident, such as:

  • Banik Ostrava;
  • the Czech Republic U-20 and U-21 national teams;
  • Mlada Boleslav;
  • and Slovacko.

You can visit the online casino 1xBet, which is a safe place to play while waiting for the next match of the Czech and Slovak football leagues.

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