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P1 Training among 7 best marketable courses for form four leavers with D-,D,D+ in KCSE 2018/2019

Academic excellency is not the only gate way to good life. It doesn’t matter the grade you scored in KCSE, what counts is how plan your life. Just because you didn’t manage to get a C+ and above in your KCSE doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

It only means that there are other opportunities you can explore and make the best out of it. All you need to do is take control of your life and stop the pity game. Here is a list of courses a form four leaver can enroll and shape your future;

  1. Primary Teacher training

Primary school teacher

Recently the government lowered the entry grade of P1 colleges to D+. this was necessary so as to solve the issue of low admission to this career especially in marginalised counties.

Having a D+ nowadays should not worry you anymore since you can easily enroll in any P1 training college and get yourself relevant skills to teach in primary schools.

However this one applies if you come from marginalised counties.

2. IT related courses

IT lesson on going

The world is slowly going digital in each day. Technology is being embraced in most firms and companies. As a form four leaver you can comfortably enroll for a certificate course and get appropriate skills.

With IT knowledge, you don’t need to be employed. One can start a cyber cafe and start making good money. Somebody once said that opportunities are always there, you only have to go for them.

3. Hair and beauty courses

Students undertaking Hair and beauty course

If you didn’t score good grade in KCSE doesn’t mean that your future is dull. These courses are usually underrated but they pay off heavily. Enroll in hair and beauty college and get required skills that will propel you to your brighter future. With these skills you can establish your own hair and beauty shop that will create amazing employment opportunities not only to you but also many people.

4. Hospitality courses

Students taking hospitality course

This courses does not require you to have golden grades in your KCSE, all it need is passion. You can Start from certificate level and slowly proceed to diploma and finally land in a lucrative career of your dream.

Utalii college is the best when it comes to offering these courses. Join today and start opening great opportunities.

5. Adminstration related courses

Secretarial course

You don’t have to be an A grade student to pursue a course like secretarial in certificate. This course can open a great deal of opportunities and the good thing is that many colleges offer administration related courses like this.

If you didn’t do well in your KCSE, stop pitying yourself, enrol in this course and make a future that you dream of.

6. Foreign language courses

Students being taught a foreign language

Foreign languages like Chinese, French, Germany, Spanish among others have picked up very well in in Kenya for the last few years.

With a good grasp of foreign language you can be translator, foreign language teacher and even comfortably work in airports. Make a decision and change the tune of your future.

7. Driving

Driving lesson in progress

This course does not require any minimum requirement. Any person can pursue it regardless of your academic performance. With a driving licence you can secure a job in any firm or company.

Don’t throw in the towel because your Performance in KCSE was not appealing. There is still an opportunity to make the best out of your life.

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