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5 ways of earning a living from your Smartphone in Kenya-2021

The truth of the matter is that most people own smart phones. But little do they know that they can actually earn a very good living using your phone. What you need is to do more research on how you can make clean money online.

With the growing digital world, making money using your smartphone is as easy as counting 1,2,3. I’ve done a comprehensive research how you can make a living using your smartphone.

1. Increase your followers in social media

With good number in your social media you can make good money using your smartphone. A company will advertise their products and services on your social media if you have a huge following. In turn the company will paying you either monthly or agreed upon commission depending on how you agree.

People like Xtian dela and Mini Cheps who command good following in their social media are earning by advertising products and services of companies.

2. Start a blog

We are living in a world where information is considered to be power. It becomes more better, when you are now the source of that information.

Blogging is nowadays easier, all you need to do is look for a good domain like www.jambonews.co.ke and start writing on what you like most.

With a Smartphone, you can write and publish articles using the WordPress app which comes free with Google Playstore. After working on your content, you will have to use platforms like Google AdSense to earn from your blog. The more the traffic the more you earn.

3. Taking photos/Videos and selling them

One of the best thing a smartphone can do is taking quality photos and videos. With a smartphone, you can take photos and videos whenever and wherever. After taking photos and videos you can upload them to a site like shutterstock.com.

You can now earn when somebody buys your photos or videos.

4. Vlogging

This involves taking unique videos and uploading them on your YouTube channel.

Once you specialize on your content you can use Google AdSense that will pay you according to the number of views.

5. Referring friends to App loans like Branch

Did you you that there are loan apps, where you can earn commissions from friends referrals apart from borrowing quick loans? One of the app that offers this service is Branch loan app. Since the introduction of the new branch loan app late last year, existing app users can earn ksh300 for each referred friend who successful repays their first loan. To learn more about this, click here

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