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5 things making Kenyan youths poor day after day

1. Betting and gambling

Gambling and betting is on rise in Kenya and does not only leave young people bankrupt but also suicidal. Most youths have registered on  platforms like Betway, BetPawa, mCheza, SportPesa, and Betin and usually they place their bets on football tournaments with the occasional tennis and basketball game. It starts as fun but gradually develops into a deadly ordeal leaving young people bankrupt with regrets.

2. Alcohol and women

Alcohol consumption can have adverse social and economic effects on the individual drinker, the drinker’s immediate environment and society as a whole. Indeed, individuals other than the drinker can be affected. When alcohol consumption is combined with list of women it leaves an individual in a devastating state of economy.

3. Spending Too much time in school

The fact that education is the key to success does not necessarily mean that the person with highest level of education will be the most successful. People who spend most of their youthful years in school are usually employed with people who used their youthful years to build their empires. Ideal level of education is degree no need to struggle too much. There is a very thin line between spending too much time in school and poverty.

4. Working for someone

Most people believe that they go yo school so that they can be employed. This is a dwarfed mentality that should be changed. When a youth becomes a job creator rather then a job seeker, he/she runs several miles from poverty.

5. Not being original

Most Kenyans youths don’t do things their own ways. They venture into a given business because they’ve seen someone being successful in it. People are created differently and they have their own ways and methods of being successful.


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