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5 Crazy demands by rapper Rick Ross for him to perform in Kenya on 28th April 2018

Rick Ross whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, is an American rapper and a successful business mogul expected to perform in Nairobi. This concert has been organized by  NRG radio.

The management of rapper has made several “demands” to make sure that the ‘Boss’ receives treatment befitting his A-List status when he jets in to Nairobi on 28 April.

1. 30 round trip air tickets, including 10 first class tickets, a helicopter to facilitate travel during interview appearances and transportation to the concert venue for the ‘Boss.

2. Four ‘conversion’ vans with two licensed chauffeurs trained in defensive driving from a company of high repute. The vans will have to have premium tinted windows.

3. Three entire floors in a 5 Star hotel with the Presidential suite reserved for the “Boss” and round the clock services of a butler and a personal Chef, preferably Michelin starred.

4. All recording devices found at the venue shall be confiscated and the management have the right to delay the performance should any unauthorized recording devices be found in the concert.

5. Mombasa Road and Langata Road close down

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