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Seven Tips On How To Write An Essay On Technology Topics

Writing a technology essay is not an easy task. It requires an in-depth understanding of the topic, the knowledge of proper structure and format, proper citation, and many other vital elements. But even though it may be easier said than written, you can complete the paper in a timely manner. Even more, you don’t need to know everything about the topic to complete the essay and get the desired grade. If you are not confident about your writing skills but want to write the paper quickly, keep reading the article. We will discuss the most efficient and straightforward tricks to accelerate your writing process.

Essay Type

Every essay type has unique features. You have to know about them, as they define the direction you should go within the paper. For instance, an expository essay requires analyzing the given idea, evaluating evidence, providing examples, and giving a meaningful conclusion.

In turn, an argumentative paper requires delving into the topic, investigating it, extracting specific ideas, and providing a stance on the subject. Even though some may confuse these two types, they are different.

If you feel that your knowledge is insufficient, you can turn to WritingCheap. The academic writing service has been operating for years within the industry. You can find dozens of model papers there, which will give you a clear picture of how your technology essay should look.

Nonetheless, you have to decide on the essay type you want to write your paper. Look at the topic and try to understand it. Does it already provide you with the elements you have to explain? If yes, then an expository type is your go-to option. If not, you have to learn the topic, which means you have to follow the argumentative essay strategy.

Outline Is Essential

Oddly enough, but students don’t like writing outlines. If professors don’t assign the latter, students will not even try to compose such. Whatever action takes time but is not required, students won’t do it. However, they should. An outline is a significant element to make you organized and follow the right writing path. Not only does it help you include all the necessary points, but it also saves you plenty of time.

In case you are not assigned an outline, you can craft it in whatever form. Just ensure making it coherent and understandable to yourself. In turn, if you have to compose an outline and submit it, you should know about its format, as outlines can be different. Clarify which format your layout needs to follow beforehand.

Write The Main Part First

Many students find the introduction and conclusion complicated and time-consuming. If you are among them, try writing body paragraphs first. An outline will help you with that, as it contains the main points you have to develop within the paper. Assume you have to write a standard, 500-word essay. Then you need to have five paragraphs, and three of them should relate to the body part. Make sure to divide 300 words for the main part. This will allow you to reveal the arguments and support them with credible data.

Concerning the data, every paper (unless it is a personal reflection) must be backed up with reliable sources. Not every source is credible. If you have previously used Wikipedia and similar web pages, forget about them. Under no circumstances should you ever use them when writing academic essays. If you want to find authoritative data, you must look for them on trusted web pages. These pages include Google Scholar, ResearchGate, JSTOR, Academia.edu, and your local libraries, undoubtedly.

Follow Relevant Language

When in academia, we consider ourselves members of the academic community. This means we have to behave accordingly, be it a verbal or nonverbal communication. When writing essays, we should follow the standards of academic writing. The list of rules is endless. However, the most critical elements to know are:

  • Use formal language

Since you are a potential future scholar, you have to prove your decorum. Write in plain English, avoid colloquial language, slang, and dark humor. You don’t have to write papers in the first-person, as well.

  • Avoid academic fraud

Whenever you rely on different sources, give credit to the authors. No educational institution tolerates plagiarism.

  • Structure written discourses

Every paper has a structure. The introduction, the body, and the conclusion is a widely agreed structure for every essay. There are also additional elements, depending on the work, its volume, and other specifics.

  • Use your critical thinking

A paper written by an omnipresent scholar does not mean the piece is well-rounded. Before including it in your work, make sure to thoroughly examine the piece. Critical thinking is a must for every person, especially for academicians.

Write The First Draft Quickly

Even though this strategy can’t be employed every time, it is still useful to follow it whenever possible. Its primary purpose is to activate and speed up your brain and make you focused on the paper. During the freewriting session, avoid any distractions and try your best to complete the paper’s first version as quickly as possible.

It is an excellent approach if you are short on time and want to complete the essay speedily. You won’t submit it once you complete the draft, of course. But it will give a good kick of energy to finish the paper.

Edit & Proofread

When you write the draft, you have to edit and proofread it carefully. Sometimes you can get confused about what to check first. In such cases, try to focus on one section and analyze it. When editing, look for everything that skews the paper’s coherence. It may be a punctuation error, a grammatical, or a lexical mistake.

The same goes for proofreading. When we read self-written texts, we tend to avoid some concealed yet crucial mistakes. For that reason, it would be best to let your work check by someone who hasn’t seen the piece before. A fresh set of eyes is a great way to perfect your essay. You can ask your peers, friends, or family members to glance at the essay.

Make Use Of Apps

Since we are living in a fast-changing society, we have many things to satisfy our needs. Writing is among such fields, and thanks to English as the universal language, we have plenty of apps to polish it. When it comes to a spellchecker, you are free to use Grammarly.

It is currently the best application that works with English and checks your writing based on grammar, word choice, and punctuation. If you prefer to work in Google Docs, you will find an embedded version of Grammarly there.

Hemingway Editor focuses on readability. The more adverbs and passive structures your essay has, the more challenging to read it is. Overall, the app highlights phrases you should erase to make your paper coherent in the long run. It is free, as well.

If you are uncertain about how to write your forthcoming technology essay, you can complete it promptly. The only thing you should do is follow the mentioned tips. Good luck with your academic success!


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