Run From INFERTILITY!! 6 Amazing ways to keep your sperm HEALTHY

A recent study suggests one third of men face infertility problems. The primary reason is an unhealthy lifestyle. These are tips to keep your sperm in a good shape…

Avoid junk food
Keeping your diet healthy, full of proteins and carbohydrates is very essential for your sperm to live in good condition. Men who eat fatty, unhealthy food, their sperm lose the ability to move vigorously towards the ovarian tube.  Its good to avoid junky food and try to include fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fish that contain natural antioxidants in your diet

Exercise regularly
A man’s sperm quality directly correlates to his fitness. Studies have proved that men who exercise frequently have higher sperm concentration and being overweight or underweight  affects male fertility. In door activities like, watching television for long hours and skipping meals are some key factors that compromise sperm quality.Women also need to keep a check on their weight in order to conceive.

Quit binge drinking and smoking
Drinking too much alcohol regularly lowers the level of testorsterone.  Altered levels of reproductive hormones can cause difficulty in conceiving. Besides, it can also cause problems in normal body functions like growth, development and metabolism. Consumption of alcohol in large proportions can lead to azoospermia, a condition for no sperm cells in semen.
Smoking increases the chances of erectile dsyfunction in men and complications in pregnancy for women. It also affect genetic material in sperms and eggs resulting in birth of overweight babies.

Keep it cool down there!

Ideally, for normal sperm production the temperature of your scrotum should be three to four degrees lower than the rest of your body. If the temperature goes higher, its side effects could be drastic. Wearing tight underwear traps heat near the testicles. Wear clean, loose clothes around your private parts. Avoid too much direct exposure to sauna, hot tubs, warm blankets or any heat emitting gadgets such as laptops, cell phones.

Beat the stress
Constant stress can be additional risk factor leading to  infertility men.  Though there is no evidence that stress alone causes infertility but its effects on the autonomous nerve function can affect sperm volume. Stress is also a contributing factor to anxiety and low self-esteem during sex, resulting in lower sex drive.

Get proper sleep
Sleep disturbances or irregular and insufficient sleep alters male libido and disturbs the secretion of reproductive hormones. Studies show that men who dont get proper sleep could lead to 20 to 30 per cent decrease in sperm concentration.