Reasons why TSC AON-Minet medical Cover is a scam and a Con; Here is what should be done

TSC AON Minet enhanced medical cover
TSC AON Minet enhanced medical cover

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) contracted AON on July 1, 2015, to manage the multi-billion shilling medical scheme, but its arguably that most teachers have not benefited from this scheme.

AON TSC covers the teachers themselves, their spouses, and their children; i.e. direct dependents to the teachers. Click here to read more on AON comprehensive medical cover for teachers.

Though AON medical cover appears to be best as the per the services they purport to provide, its has come out clearly that the scheme is a fraud and not benefitting teachers. Teachers’ union efforts ask the teachers employer-TSC to intervene has bore no noticeable fruits.

The following are reasons why AON medical cover is a scam:

  • Teachers are turned away from health facilities citing lack of payment by the insurance provider.
  • Shortlisted hospitals not having adequate facilities and poor infrastructure to recognise and authorise treatment for teachers and their dependants.
  • Teachers have also complained of non-payment of bills to hospitals, closure of county offices, and failure to have staff to handle their complaints.
  • Hospitals misusing and overusing the cover, and making false claims so as to steal scheme money.
  • Teachers being given poor services and at times they are forced to use their money because of exaggeratedly high prices of drugs.

What should be done to save TSC AON-Minet Reputation

Teachers employer-Teacher service commission(TSC) must come out strongly to defend their employees. Tutors deserve dependable and working medical scheme.

Proper mechanism should be laid down where teachers can register their grievances and complaints.

Hospitals that are fraudulent must be blacklisted and their names shortlisted so as to boost transparency and accountability of the medical scheme.