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New TSC Changes on Entry/Exit (Casualty) Returns For All Teachers


The Teachers Service Commission has changed things up a little on the teachers entry/exit returns (casualty).

In the past, TSC casualty Returns were done manually, but now the exercise is carried out online by the commission.

Heads of institutions are required to submit online, the Entry/Exit returns for all the newly employed teachers as well as those to be employed in the future. Furthermore, sub-county directors are required to keep records of when a teacher enters and leaves an institution.

The Teacher Posting process becomes complete only after the Entry/Exit process has been initiated. The Human Resource Management (HRM) headquarters will then receive the returns online for further processing.

In addition, the commission specifies that the role of the sub-county Directors will be to submit entry/exit returns for heads of institutions and teachers who have exceeded the stipulated 14 days for transfer and 30 days for recruitment.

How to conduct fill Entry/Exit (Casualty) Returns online;

  1. Visit https://www.tsc.go.ke to access the portal
  2. Click on Teacher Posting &Entry/Exit under Online Services menu
  3. Log in to the system by entering your TSC number in the textbox provided and then click next to proceed.
  4. Enter your password and click Login button.

Teachers Entry

  1. Click on Entry under the Actions menu
  2. Select reason for entry from the dropdown arrow and then click on submit request.

Teachers exit

  1. To exit a teacher on transfer or temporary exit, click on Exit under action button.
  2. Select the date of exit from the calendars and confirm exit by clicking yes from the drop down and click on the save button.