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Maria Citizen TV Full Cast & their Real Names, Age, Synopsis, Producers and Writers

Maria is an addictive Kenyan series that airs on Citizen TV every weekday between 7.30 pm and 8.00 pm. The show has unprecedented fanbase in this country since everywhere you go, someone is talking about Maria.

It has taken the attention of many with fan even going to social media, creating groups where they discuss how the last episode was and what they foresee may depict in the ones to come. Its repeats usually air on Saturday afternoon on Citizen TV.

Maria is currently available on ViuSasa and fans can watch at least one show ahead using this platform.

Maria Citizen TV Producers and Writers;

Maria was produced by the power news anchor couple; Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan. The enviable duo are news anchors who host during Nipashe Wikendi bulletin on Citizen TV.

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan became the first couple ever to anchor news together on mainstream media.

Lulu has been able to produce other shows such as the Moyo series,  Huba, Aziza, Mchikicho wa Pwani and Maza. Rashid on the other hand is a badass scriptwriter and Swahili Voice over artist. The two surely complement each other so beautifully.

Maria Citizen TV Synopsis;

Maria is a well- curated Kenyan love drama series that revolves around the life of Luwi, who is the last born son of a very wealthy family. Luwi falls in love with Maria, who is a gorgeous lady from the ghetto. After the death of her mother, Maria is transferred to move in with the affluent family by William, who is Luwi’s father. This becomes the start of Maria having to adjust to this new farfetched life she had never got a chance to experience before. Despite moving to a rich suburb and life, the ghetto in her has not moved an inch. She is still the same humble girl from back then.

All this time, Luwi was in love with a woman known as Sofia. However, after Maria came into the picture, Luwi’s interest in Sofia shifted to Maria, something that really angered Sofia. She came up with a plot and staged a pregnancy, and this makes Luwi to hastily do a legal wedding where Sofia ends up as the legal wedded life to Luwi. This, however, does not stop Luwi from loving Maria.

This series is a battle of love that depicts the true characters of people when one’s heart decides.

Maria Citizen TV Full Cast, their Real Names and Age;

MariaYasmin SaidBelieve it or not, this was Yasmin Said’s debut acting. This literally means that this was her first time acting, something that shocks many up to date. At the age of 20, Yasmin has become an incredibly talented actress that has garnered so much recognition from playing her well- suited role of Maria. She owns the role and that is the best part about her. We cannot wait to see what else is in store for her, especially in the acting industry.


SofiaBridget ShighadiIn the series, Sofia is the legal wife to Luwi. She also seems to have endless fights with Maria. She is very resentful, jealous, mean and evil. Despite all this, in real life, Bridget is very soft spoken, shy and polite.

Bridget Shighadi is a 27 year old strikingly gorgeous lady from Taita. Very many people have actually questioned the fact that she is Kenyan. The last born beauty is the last born girl in the family of four dazzling beauties. She is also the mother of one to a daughter she has with her boyfriend, the hot Nick Mutuma. Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi have been dating for years and their relationship seems to be getting better with Dua, their daughter, in the picture. Bridget gave birth to Dua while in Miami, Florida. ‘Dua’ means ‘a prayer’ in Swahili language. Nick Mutuma at one time dated Tanasha Donna Oketch but they broke up and Nick went back to Bridget.

The mother of one is a professional model, professional fashion designer and a content creator. She went to a private fashion school and graduated. Bridget even had a fashion line known as ‘Yedu’ which means ‘Ours’ in Taita language. Nick and her used to model for the company and most of the photos were posted on Bridget blog, that, just like her company, has since been silent. She however has plans to get her company back on track.

I guess Bridget developed interest and garnered prowess in acting, thanks to her boyfriend Nick Mutuma who has been in the acting industry for a while.

LuwiBrian OganaThis very good- looking man is the lead actor in the series. Forget about the series; this 32 year old man right here has made very many on the internet thirsty for him, thanks to his welcoming looks.Sadly, the handsome man is married and has 2 children; a daughter and a son.

In the series, Brian Ogana plays the role of Luwi, the lawfully wedded husband to Sofia who is madly in love with Maria.

Apart from acting, Brian Ogana is also a News Anchor, a news reporter and a host at Goodnews Broadcasting System (GBS).

VanessaWanjiku StephensWanjiku Stephens plays the role of Vanessa, who is the only daughter in the posh family. She is the sister to Luwi and Victor and the sister-in-law to Sofia. She is always on Maria’s side when the rest of her family members reject her. Wanjiku Stephens is 25 years old.


Boss WilliamDennis MusyokaDennis Musyoka is a key actor in Maria who plays the role of Boss William, who is the father of the Hausa family. He is the one who brought Maria to the affluent home. He is the main decision maker in the house, with power and fairness in his hands. He helps bring some sort of order in the house, always being keen while observing from afar.


Vickie aka Madam VictoriaSheila NdanuSheila Ndanu plays the role of Madam Victoria, who is Boss William’s wife and Luwi’s mother. She is a very charming woman who always tries to unite the family and helps do away with the drama in the house. Sheila Ndanu is a 55 year old commercial model as well as a therapist.


Kobi RealLinda MukamiwaKobi is a very close friend to Maria from the slums. Kobi is Tobi’s twin sister.



Maria Citizen TV Cast Members with Minor Roles;

LonaTina Njabi
NaomiTerry Ombaka
BrendaMaureen Wangari
DelilaEdna Nguka
Father EzekielMusa Ore
Mother TeresaGrace Obuya
SilasNyakundi Isaboke
BenTimothy Musyoka
RufinaSussy Malaki
ThomasQuincy Ando
KorosEdwin Buni
MarianneBotul Abdalla
GloriaAsha Hussein
Mama ChapoSarah Mataki
KaniniAlice Mari
DogoJane Mulanda
PupaUmar Hussein
FaliTeddy Brian
ColloJoseph Kiplabatt
TeknoAnthony Ashioya

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