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List Of Profitable Agribusiness Ideas In Kenya

Kenya is one of the many African countries that has agriculture at the core of its economy. Products such as tea and coffee are produced and exported annually, earning Kenya foreign exchange that is ploughed back to the local economic growth and development. We have heard of many university graduates who resorted to agribusiness when they could not find a job and this step has enabled them to earn millions of shillings annually. Below is a list of 10 lucrative agribusiness ventures in Kenya in 2020:

1. Poultry farming

This is one of the most gainful agroindustry ventures in Kenya. To start,find a house for the poultry, find chicks and their feeds. You will also need to have a standby person because rearing this is very delicate. However, the earnings are so high since you will be able to sell both the poultry and the eggs regularly.

2. Fruit farming

Fruits such as apples, mangoes, oranges, grapes, pears, avocados, pineapples, bananas as well as papayas are greatly necessitated since people are shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Apart from growing and selling the fruits, look into opening a fresh juice bar.

3. Dairy farming

Cows are a great source of nutritious milk, meat together with leather. If you have land that is conducive for dairy farming, then jump into it.

4. Vegetable farming

People in towns and cities rely on farmers in upcountry to grow and supply them with fresh vegetables such as kales, cabbages, cow beans, onions and tomatoes.

5. Sheep and goat farming

I know of people who buy sheep and goats in bulk when they are so young at about kh.1, 000 each. They then rear them for about 1 and a half years when they are mature enough. They then go ahead and sell them at about ksh.6, 000 each. If say this person initially bought 10 of them, the initial cost is ksh.10, 000 and the sale price is ksh. 60,000, meaning the profit here is ksh. 50,000. This is a slow yet sure venture.

6. Production of animal feeds

We all know that animals need animal feeds for the consumption bit together with the nutritional factor as well. Feedstuffs such as hay, Napier grass together with dried maize stalks are great for this.

7. Consultancy services in Agriculture

An unlimited number of people are interested in agribusiness but most of them are clueless on how to go about it so as to make maximum profits. If you are quite knowledgeable on matters agribusiness, then open up a consultancy firm where people pay you for the insight together with the direction you give them in this field.

8. Chia seeds farming

Chia seeds has so many health and nutritional benefits that many are just beginning to know about. They do well on most regions in this nation, long as there is a reliable water source. A tonne can be sold for up to ksh. 400,000. Chia seeds can be grows 4 times every year.

9. Fish farming

The demand for fish is always high no matter what, making it make it to this list. Once you have a fish pond, fresh fingerlings and fish feeds, you are good to go.

10. Mushroom farming

Organic mushrooms are currently greatly sought after in this country. The good thing is that they take about 2 months to grow and be ready, meaning that you can grow them 6 times in a year and you end up earning millions of Kenya shillings from the venture.

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