How to pay outstanding HELB Loan through M-pesa

Paying HELB loan through Mpesa is one of the best and most convenient way. Apart from being the easiest payment method, its safest.

It should be noted that frequent HELB loan defaulters risk getting blacklisted by the Credit Reference Bureau(CRB), which will prevent them getting bank loans. With this digital generation and more advancement in mobile technology, one can conveniently pay outstanding HELB loan through Mpesa by following these steps:

  1. Go to M-PESA menu, select Pay Bill.
  2. Enter 200800 for HELB business number.
  3. Your account number is your National ID number.
  4. Enter amount to pay.
  5. Enter M-PESA PIN.
  6. Double-check your details, if OK press SEND.
  7. Wait for the MPESA transaction confirmation SMS.

Note that defaulters are slapped with Ksh 5,000 each month they don’t pay. To avoid this monthly penalty, you can pay as little as Ksh 1,500 so as to be safe.