How KNEC will pay officers manning 2018 examination

The government has set aside sh 4.2billion that will cater for all expenses to be incurred during 2018 national examination.

The exercise will involve several officers from Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, the Teachers Service Commission, Knec, Education officials, Interior and National Coordination officials, Parents Associations, and teachers union leaders.

School heads who will take up the responsibility of collecting and returning will play a vital role during this important exercise. The entire exercise will be manned by three ministries; education, interior and ICT.

On Monday Education CS Amina said 224 security officers will escort the examination materials from the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) warehouse in Nairobi to the examination storage facilities in the sub-counties.

The materials will be dispatched twice weekly from Nairobi to the 459 sub-counties.

Break down of cost

Centre managers

Jambo News has learnt from a reliable source that a total of 10,078 examination centre managers, who are secondary school principals, will be paid Sh500 a day for 18 days. This translates to Sh90.7 million.

In the KCPE examination, 27,161 centre managers will be paid Sh500 a day for three days which means that they will take home Sh40.7 million.


The 10,460 supervisors will be paid between Sh695 and Sh630 a day for 18 days. Those in Nairobi and Mombasa will get the highest, while those in other regions will get the lowest.


Invigilators. who are 37,978, will be paid between Sh580 and Sh460 a day for 18 days. Those in Nairobi and Mombasa will get Sh580 while those in other regions will get Sh460. It will cost Sh314.5 million in total.

Security officers

Each security personnel will be paid Sh420 a day.

There will be 20,156 such officers and they will work for 18 days which translates to Sh144 million.


Drivers will be 5,039 and each will get Sh405 for 18 days which adds up to Sh36.7 million.

Exam dates

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination will start on October 30 after rehearsals on October 29 while Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) written examination will start on November 5.

KCSE practicals, French (oral and Braille), German (oral), Arabic (oral), Kenyan sign language (practical signing skills), Music (practical) and Home Science (foods and nutrition) will start on October 22.